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Apweiler, R.* et al.: Whither systems medicine? Exp. Mol. Med. 50:e453 (2018)
Medina, A.M.* et al.: Wnt5a is secreted by extracellular vesicles in pulmonary fibrosis and increases fibroblasts proliferation. Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 195 (2017)
Flossdorf, M.* ; Rössler, J.* ; Buchholz, V.R.* ; Busch, D.H. & Höfer, T.*: CD8+ T cell diversification by asymmetric cell division. Nat. Immunol. 16, 891-893 (2015)
Raue, A.* et al.: Data2Dynamics: A modeling environment tailored to parameter estimation in dynamical systems. Bioinformatics 31, 3558-3560 (2015)
Graef, P.* et al.: Serial transfer of single-cell-derived immunocompetence reveals stemness of CD8+ central memory T cells. Immunity 41, 116-126 (2014)
Litzenburger, U.M.* et al.: Constitutive IDO expression in human cancer is sustained by an autocrine signaling loop involving IL-6, STAT3 and the AHR. Oncotarget 5, 1038-1051 (2014)
Buchholz, V.R.* et al.: Disparate individual fates compose robust CD8+ T cell immunity. Science 340, 630-635 (2013)