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Jooß, K. ; Meckelmann, S.W.* ; Klein, J.* ; Schmitz, O.J.* & Neusüß, C.*: Capillary zone electrophoresis coupled to drift tube ion mobility-mass spectrometry for the analysis of native and APTS-labeled N-glycans. Anal. Bioanal. Chem., accepted (2018)
Rehage, N. et al.: Binding of NUFIP2 to Roquin promotes recognition and regulation of ICOS mRNA. Nat. Commun. 9:299 (2018)
Saulnier-Blache, J.S.* et al.: Ldlr-/- and ApoE-/- mice better mimic the human metabolite signature of increased carotid intima media thickness compared to other animal models of cardiovascular disease. Atherosclerosis 276, 140-147 (2018)
Essig, K.* et al.: Roquin suppresses the PI3K-mTOR signaling pathway to inhibit T helper cell differentiation and conversion of treg to Tfr cells. Immunity 47, 1067-1082.e12 (2017)
Nuss, A.M.* et al.: A precise temperature-responsive bistable switch controlling yersinia virulence. PLoS Pathog. 12:e1006091 (2016)
Steinberg, C.E.W.* et al.: Wirkungstests. In: Steinberg, C.E.W.* [Eds.]: Handbuch der Angewandten Limnologie. Ecomed-Verlag: Landsberg, 1996.
Steinberg, C.* et al.: Ökotoxikologische Testverfahren. In: Chemie und Umwelt. Handbuch des Umweltschutzes. ECOMED, 1995. 1-101
Steinberg, C.E.W.* et al.: Ökotoxikologische Testverfahren. In: Vogl, J.* [Eds.]: Handbuch des Umweltschutzes. Landsberg/Lech: Ecomed-Verl., 1995. 1-102 ( ; 79. Erg. Lfg. 6/95)