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Pabst, A.* ; Van der Auwera, S.* ; Piontek, D.* ; Baumeister, S. & Kraus, L.*: Decomposing social inequalities in alcohol consumption in Germany 1995–2015: An age–period–cohort analysis. Addiction, accepted (2019)
Gomes de Matos, E.* ; Kraus, L.* ; Pabst, A. & Piontek, D.*: Does a change over all equal a change in all? Testing for polarized alcohol use within and across socio-economic groups in Germany. Alcohol Alcohol. 50, 700-707 (2015)
Kraus, L.* et al.: Temporal changes in alcohol-related morbidity and mortality in Germany. Eur. Addict. Res. 21, 262-272 (2015)
Kraus, L.* ; Tryggvesson, K.* ; Pabst, A. & Room, R.*: Involvement in alcohol-related verbal or physical aggression. Does social status matter? Nord. Stud. Alcohol Drugs 32, 449-463 (2015)
Thrul, J.* ; Pabst, A. & Kraus, L.*: The impact of school nonresponse on substance use prevalence estimates - Germany as a case study. Int. J. Drug Policy 27, 164-172 (2015)
Höhne, B. ; Pabst, A.* ; Hannemann, T.-V.* & Kraus, L.*: Patterns of concurrent alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use in Germany: Prevalence and correlates. Drugs Educ. Prev. Policy 21, 102-109 (2014)
Mehta, D.* et al.: Early predictive biomarkers for postpartum depression point to a role for estrogen receptor signaling. Psychol. Med. 44, 2309-2322 (2014)
Kraus, L.* ; Baumeister, S.E. ; Pabst, A.* & Orth, B.*: Association of average daily alcohol consumption, binge drinking and alcohol-related social problems: Results from the German Epidemiological Surveys of Substance Abuse. Alcohol Alcohol. 44, 314-320 (2009)