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Dalke, C. et al.: Lifetime study in mice after acute low-dose ionizing radiation: A multifactorial study with special focus on cataract risk. Radiat. Environ. Biophys. 57, 99-113 (2018)
Hornhardt, S.* et al.: Genetic factors in individual radiation sensitivity. DNA Repair 16, 54-65 (2014)
Maroschik, B.* et al.: Radiation-induced alterations of histone post-translational modification levels in lymphoblastoid cell lines. Radiat. Oncol. 9:15 (2014)
Rothkamm, K.* et al.: Laboratory intercomparison on the γ-H2AX foci assay. Radiat. Res. 180, 149-155 (2013)
Rößler, U. ; Andres, A.C.* ; Reichmann, E.* ; Schmahl, W.G. & Werenskiold, A.K.: T1, an immunoglobulin superfamily member, is expressed in H-ras-dependent epithelial tumours of mammary cells. Oncogene 8, 609-617 (1993)