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van Zyl, D.G.* ; Mautner, J. & Delecluse, H.-J.*: Progress in EBV vaccines. Front. Oncol. 9:104 (2019)
Cirac, A. et al.: Epstein-Barr virus strain heterogeneity impairs human T-cell immunity. Cancer Immunol. Immunother. 67, 663-674 (2018)
Gary, R.* et al.: Clinical-grade generation of peptide-stimulated CMV/EBV-specific T cells from G-CSF mobilized stem cell grafts. J. Transl. Med. 16:124 (2018)
Ghasemi, A.* et al.: Immunization with recombinant FliD confers protection against Helicobacter pylori infection in mice. Mol. Immunol. 94, 176-182 (2018)
Ghasemi, A.* et al.: Immunization with a recombinant fusion protein protects mice against Helicobacter pylori infection. Vaccine 36, 5124-5132 (2018)
Schneidt, V.* et al.: Antibodies conjugated with viral antigens elicit a cytotoxic T cell response against primary CLL ex vivo. Leukemia 33, 88-98 (2018)
van Zyl, D.G.* et al.: Immunogenic particles with a broad antigenic spectrum stimulate cytolytic T cells and offer increased protection against EBV infection ex vivo and in mice. PLoS Pathog. 14:e1007464 (2018)
Schober, T.* et al.: A human immunodeficiency syndrome caused by mutations in CARMIL2. Nat. Commun. 8:14209 (2017)
Shumilov, A.* et al.: Epstein-Barr virus particles induce centrosome amplification and chromosomal instability. Nat. Commun. 8:14257 (2017)
Tagawa, T. et al.: Epstein-Barr viral miRNAs inhibit antiviral CD4+ T cell responses targeting IL-12 and peptide processing. J. Exp. Med. 213, 2065-2080 (2016)
van Nierop, G.P.* ; Mautner, J. ; Mitterreiter, J.G.* ; Hintzen, R.Q.* & Verjans, G.M.*: Intrathecal CD8 T-cells of multiple sclerosis patients recognize lytic Epstein-Barr virus proteins. Mult. Scler. J. 22, 279-291 (2016)
Ameres, S. ; Liang, X. ; Wiesner, M. ; Mautner, J. & Moosmann, A.: A diverse repertoire of CD4 T cells targets the immediate-early 1 protein of human cytomegalovirus. Front. Immunol. 6:598 (2015)
Ghasemi, A.* ; Jeddi-Tehrani, M.* ; Mautner, J. ; Salari, M.H.* & Zarnani, A.H.*: Simultaneous immunization of mice with Omp31 and TF provides protection against Brucella melitensis infection. Vaccine 33, 5532-5538 (2015)
Yu, X.* et al.: Antigen-armed antibodies targeting B lymphoma cells effectively activate antigen-specific CD4+ T cells. Blood 125, 1601-1610 (2015)
Fiebiger, B.M. ; Pfister, H. ; Behrends, U. & Mautner, J.: Polyubiquitination of lysine-48 is an essential but indirect signal for MHC Class I antigen processing. Eur. J. Immunol. 45, 716-727 (2014)
Ghasemi, A.* ; Jeddi-Tehrani, M.* ; Mautner, J. ; Salari, M.H.* & Zarnani, A.H.*: Immunization of mice with a novel recombinant molecular chaperon confers protection against Brucella melitensis infection. Vaccine 32, 6659-6666 (2014)
Lehmann, F.M. et al.: Targeting high-grade B cell lymphoma with CD19-specific T cells. Int. J. Cancer 135, 1153-1164 (2014)
Linnerbauer, S. et al.: Virus and autoantigen-specific CD4+ T cells are key effectors in a SCID mouse model of EBV-associated post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders. PLoS Pathog. 10:e1004068 (2014)
Ameres, S. et al.: Presentation of an immunodominant immediate-early CD8+ T cell epitope resists human cytomegalovirus immunoevasion. PLoS Pathog. 9:e1003383 (2013)
Helm, F.* et al.: Targeting c-MYC with T-cells. PLoS ONE 8:e77375 (2013)