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Backman, M.* et al.: Multi-omics insights into functional alterations of the liver in insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus. Mol. Metab., accepted (2019)
Grzybek, M. et al.: Comprehensive and quantitative analysis of white and brown adipose tissue by shotgun lipidomics. Mol. Metab. 22, 12-20 (2019)
Kourtzelis, I.* et al.: DEL-1 promotes macrophage efferocytosis and clearance of inflammation. Nat. Immunol. 20, 40-49 (2019)
Lickert, H. et al.: IGF-Receptor-Like 1 is a novel regulator of the insulin signaling pathway. Vortrag: GRS/ GRC - IGF and Insulin System in Physiology and Disease, 09-15 March 2019, Ventura, CA. (2019)
Brankatschk, M.* et al.: A temperature-dependent switch in feeding preference improves Drosophila development and survival in the cold. Dev. Cell 46, 781-793.e4 (2018)
Gutmann, T. ; Kim, K.H.* ; Grzybek, M. ; Walz, T.* & Coskun, Ü.: Visualization of ligand-induced transmembrane signaling in the full-length human insulin receptor. J. Cell Biol. 217, 1643-1649 (2018)
Mitroulis, I.* et al.: Modulation of myelopoiesis progenitors is an integral component of trained immunity. Cell 172, 147-161.e12 (2018)
Toepfner, N.* et al.: Detection of human disease conditions by single-cell morpho-rheological phenotyping of blood. eLife 7:e29213 (2018)
Anitei, M.* et al.: Spatiotemporal control of lipid conversion, actin-based mechanical forces, and curvature sensors during clathrin/AP-1-coated vesicle biogenesis. Cell Rep. 20, 2087-2099 (2017)
Bilkova, E. et al.: Calcium directly regulates phosphatidylinositol 4,5-Bbsphosphate headgroup conformation and recognition. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 4019-4024 (2017)
Blutke, A.* et al.: The Munich MIDY Pig Biobank - A unique resource for studying organ crosstalk in diabetes. Mol. Metab. 6, 931-940 (2017)
Schuhmann, K.* et al.: Monitoring membrane lipidome turnover by metabolic15N labeling and shotgun ultra-high-resolution orbitrap fourier transform mass spectrometry. Anal. Chem. 89, 12857-12865 (2017)
Steringer, J.P.* et al.: Key steps in unconventional secretion of fibroblast growth factor 2 reconstituted with purified components. eLife 6:e28985 (2017)
Kaszuba, K.* et al.: Glycosylation affects the conformational behavior of EGFR. Biophys. J. 110, 89A (2016)
Klose, C.* & Coskun, Ü.: Shotgun Lipidomics in der biomedizinischen und klinischen Forschung: Hochdurchsatzscreening. BioSpektrum 22, 617-619 (2016)
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Gutmann, T. ; Grzybek, M. ; Pigino, G.* & Coskun, Ü.: Allosteric regulation of insulin receptors by membrane lipids. FEBS J. 282, 221 (2015)
Kaszuba, K.* et al.: N-Glycosylation as determinant of epidermal growth factor receptor conformation in membranes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 112, 4334–4339 (2015)
Kaszuba, K.* ; Grzybek, M. ; Simon, K.* ; Vattulainen, I.* & Coskun, Ü.: N-Glycosylation as determinant of epidermal growth factor receptor conformation in membranes. FEBS J. 282, 225 (2015)