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di Giaimo, R.* ; Aschenbroich, S. & Ninkovic, J.: Fluorescence-activated cell sorting-based isolation and characterization of neural stem cells from the adult zebrafish telencephalon. In: Astrocytes. 2019. 49-66 (Methods Mol. Biol. ; 1938)
di Giaimo, R. et al.: The aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway defines the time frame for restorative neurogenesis. Cell Rep. 25, 3241-3251.e5 (2018)
Barbosa, J.S. ; di Giaimo, R.* ; Götz, M. & Ninkovic, J.: Single-cell in vivo imaging of adult neural stem cells in the zebrafish telencephalon. Nat. Protoc. 11, 1360-1370 (2016)
Barbosa, J.S. et al.: Live imaging of adult neural stem cell behavior in the intact and injured zebrafish brain. Science 348, 789-793 (2015)
Cernilogar, F.M. ; di Giaimo, R. ; Rehfeld, F. ; Cappello, S.* & Lie, D.C.: RNA interference machinery-mediated gene regulation in mouse adult neural stem cells. BMC Neurosci. 16:60 (2015)