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Mycielska, M.E.* et al.: Potential use of gluconate in cancer therapy. Front. Oncol. 9:522 (2019)
Mycielska, M.E.* et al.: Extracellular citrate affects critical elements of cancer cell metabolism and supports cancer development in vivo. Cancer Res. 78, 2513-2523 (2018)
Coassin, S.* et al.: A novel but frequent variant in LPA KIV-2 is associated with a pronounced Lp(a) and cardiovascular risk reduction. Eur. Heart J. 38, 1823-1831 (2017)
Fuhrmeister, J.* et al.: Fasting-induced liver GADD45β restrains hepatic fatty acid uptake and improves metabolic health. EMBO Mol. Med. 8, 654-669 (2016)
Sadic, D.* et al.: Atrx promotes heterochromatin formation at retrotransposons. EMBO Rep. 16, 836-850 (2015)