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Marbach-Breitrück, E.* et al.: Tick-tock hedgehog-mutual crosstalk with liver circadian clock promotes liver steatosis. J. Hepatol., accepted (2019)
Gerlini, R. et al.: Glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity define adipocyte transcriptional programs in human obesity. Mol. Metab. 18, 42-50 (2018)
Lassi, M. ; Gerlini, R. ; Darr, J. & Teperino, R.: Paternal circadian arrhythmia affects offspring health and feeding behaviour. Wien. Med. Wochenschr. 130, 353-354 (2018)
Lu, T.T.* et al.: The polycomb-dependent epigenome controls beta cell dysfunction, dedifferentiation, and diabetes. Cell Metab. 27, 1294-1308.e7 (2018)
Marjanović, M.P.* et al.: MacroH2A1.1 regulates mitochondrial respiration by limiting nucleas NAD+ consumption. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 24, 902-910 (2017)
Teperino, R.: Anti-hypertensive treatment in pregnancy impacts offspring growth and metabolism: Q&A. Mol. Metab. 6, 1079-1080 (2017)
Dalgaard, K.* et al.: Trim28 haploinsufficiency triggers bi-stable epigenetic obesity. Cell 164, 353-364 (2016)
Teperino, R. et al.: Polycomb controls metabolic homeostasis through a novel liver-to-adipose axis. Diabetologia 59, S307-S307 (2016)
Teperino, R. & Pospisilik, J.A.*: Determination and analysis of cellular metabolic changes by noncanonical Hedgehog signaling. Methods Mol. Biol. 1322, 187-198 (2015)