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Schlott, F.* et al.: Characterization and clinical enrichment of HLA-C*07:02-restricted Cytomegalovirus-specific CD8+ T cells. PLoS ONE 13:e0193554 (2018)
Satanovskij, R.* et al.: A new missense mutation in UMOD gene leads to severely reduced serum uromodulin concentrations - A tool for the diagnosis of uromodulin-associated kidney disease. Clin. Biochem. 50, 155-158 (2017)
Schlott, F. et al.: Primary cytomegalovirus infection in seronegative kidney transplant patients is associated with protracted cold ischemic time of seropositive donor organs. PLoS ONE 12:e0171035 (2017)
Aoqui, C.* et al.: Microvascular dysfunction in the course of metabolic syndrome induced by high-fat diet. Cardiovasc. Diabetol. 13:31 (2014)
Hopfner, F. et al.: Novel SCARB2 mutation in action myoclonus-renal failure syndrome and evaluation of SCARB2 mutations in isolated AMRF features. BMC Neurology 11:134 (2011)
Schormair, B. et al.: MEIS1 and BTBD9: Genetic association with restless leg syndrome in end stage renal disease. J. Med. Genet. 48, 462-466 (2011)