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Bakhti, M. ; Bastidas-Ponce, A. & Lickert, H.: Sorting out fate determination. Dev. Cell 49, 1-3 (2019)
Bastidas-Ponce, A. et al.: Massive single-cell mRNA profiling reveals a detailed roadmap for pancreatic endocrinogenesis. Development, accepted (2019)
Fischer, D.S. et al.: Inferring population dynamics from single-cell RNA-sequencing time series data. Nat. Biotechnol. 37, 461-468 (2019)
Lickert, H. et al.: IGF-Receptor-Like 1 is a novel regulator of the insulin signaling pathway. Vortrag: GRS/ GRC - IGF and Insulin System in Physiology and Disease, 09-15 March 2019, Ventura, CA. (2019)
Bastidas-Ponce, A. et al.: Foxa2 and Pdx1 cooperatively regulate postnatal maturation of pancreatic β-cells. Mol. Metab. 6, 524-534 (2017)
Bastidas-Ponce, A. ; Scheibner, K. ; Lickert, H. & Bakhti, M.: Cellular and molecular mechanisms coordinating pancreas development. Development 144, 2873-2888 (2017)
Quarta, C. et al.: Molecular integration of incretin and glucocorticoid action reverses immunometabolic dysfunction and obesity. Cell Metab. 26, 620-632.e6 (2017)