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Veit, R. et al.: Health, pleasure, and fullness: Changing mindset affects brain responses and portion size selection in adults with overweight and obesity. Int. J. Obes., accepted (2019)
Hege, M.A. et al.: Eating less or more - Mindset induced changes in neural correlates of pre-meal planning. Appetite 125, 492-501 (2018)
Kullmann, S. et al.: Insulin influences mindset-induced brain response and behaviour on portion size selection for lunch. Diabetologia 61, S336-S336 (2018)
Spetter, M.S.* et al.: Oxytocin curbs calorie intake via food-specific increases in the activity of brain areas that process reward and establish cognitive control. Sci. Rep. 8:2736 (2018)
Hege, M.A. ; Stingl, K.T.* ; Veit, R. & Preissl, H.: Modulation of attentional networks by food-related disinhibition. Physiol. Behav. 176, 84-92 (2017)