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Eugster, A.* et al.: Cytoplasmic ends of tetraspanin 7 harbour epitopes recognised by autoantibodies in type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 62, 805-810 (2019)
Schreiber, M.* et al.: Inducible IL-7 hyperexpression influences lymphocyte homeostasis and function and increases allograft rejection. Front. Immunol. 10:742 (2019)
Achenbach, P. et al.: Autoantibodies to N-terminally truncated GAD improve clinical phenotyping of individuals with adult-onset diabetes: Action LADA 12. Diabetologia 61, 1644-1649 (2018)
Holthaus, L. et al.: CD4+ T cell activation, function, and metabolism are inhibited by low concentrations of DMSO. J. Immunol. Methods 463, 54-60 (2018)
Kindt, A. et al.: Allele-specific methylation of type 1 diabetes susceptibility genes. J. Autoimmun. 89, 63-74 (2018)
Mathieu, C.* ; Lahesmaa, R.* ; Bonifacio, E. ; Achenbach, P. & Tree, T.*: Immunological biomarkers for the development and progression of type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 61, 2252-2258 (2018)
Müller, D.* et al.: Novel minor HLA DR associated antigens in type 1 diabetes. Clin. Immunol. 194, 87-91 (2018)
Solimena, M. et al.: Systems biology of the IMIDIA biobank from organ donors and pancreatectomised patients defines a novel transcriptomic signature of islets from individuals with type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia 61, 641–657 (2018)
Fuchs, Y.F. et al.: CD8+ T cells specific for the islet autoantigen IGRP are restricted in their T cell receptor chain usage. Sci. Rep. 7:44661 (2017)
Heninger, A.K.* et al.: A divergent population of autoantigen-responsive CD4+ T cells in infants prior to β cell autoimmunity. Sci. Transl. Med. 9:eaaf8848 (2017)
Steck, A.K.* et al.: Residual beta-cell function in diabetes children followed and diagnosed in the TEDDY study compared to community controls. Pediatr. Diabetes 18, 794-802 (2017)
Warncke, K. et al.: Thymus growth and fetal immune responses in diabetic pregnancies. Horm. Metab. Res. 49, 892-898 (2017)
Amoroso, M.* et al.: 3 screen islet cell autoantibody ELISA: A sensitive and specific ELISA for the combined measurement of autoantibodies to GAD65, TO IA-2 and TO ZnT8. Clin. Chim. Acta 462, 60-64 (2016)
Andrén Aronsson, C.* et al.: Effects of gluten intake on risk of celiac disease: A case-control study on a Swedish birth cohort. Clin. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 14, 403-409 (2016)
Ashton, M.P.* et al.: Incomplete immune response to coxsackie B viruses associates with early autoimmunity against insulin. Sci. Rep. 6:32899 (2016)
Catani, M.* et al.: Isolation of human monoclonal autoantibodies derived from pancreatic lymph node and peripheral blood B cells of islet autoantibody-positive patients. Diabetologia 59, 294-298 (2016)
Endesfelder, D. et al.: A novel approach for the analysis of longitudinal profiles reveals delayed progression to type 1 diabetes in a subgroup of multiple-islet-autoantibody-positive children. Diabetologia 59, 2172-2180 (2016)
Lernmark, B.* et al.: Participant experiences in The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young study: Common reasons for withdrawing. J. Diabetes Res. 2016:2720650 (2016)
Raab, J. et al.: Capillary blood islet autoantibody screening for identifying pre-type 1 diabetes in the general population: Design and initial results of the Fr1da study. BMJ Open 6:e011144 (2016)
Swartling, U.* ; Lynch, K.* ; Smith, L.* ; Johnson, S.B.* & TEDDY Study Group (Ziegler, A.-G. ; Beyerlein, A. ; Bonifacio, E. ; Hummel, M. ; Hummel, S. ; Foterek, K. ; Kersting, M. ; Knopff, A. ; Koletzko, S. ; Peplow, C. ; Roth, R. ; Stock, J. ; Strauss, E. ; Warncke, K. ; Winkler, C.): Parental estimation of their child's increased type 1 diabetes risk during the first 2 years of participation in an international observational study: Results from the TEDDY study. J. Empir. Res. Hum. Res. Ethics 11, 106-114 (2016)