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Grzybek, M. et al.: Comprehensive and quantitative analysis of white and brown adipose tissue by shotgun lipidomics. Mol. Metab. 22, 12-20 (2019)
Brankatschk, M.* et al.: A temperature-dependent switch in feeding preference improves Drosophila development and survival in the cold. Dev. Cell 46, 781-793.e4 (2018)
Ciucci, S.* et al.: Unveiling nonlinear patterns pinpoints 'microbial differential networks' associated to Helicobacter pylori and PPI treatment in dyspepsia. Helicobacter 23 (2018)
Mitroulis, I.* et al.: Modulation of myelopoiesis progenitors is an integral component of trained immunity. Cell 172, 147-161.e12 (2018)
Blutke, A.* et al.: The Munich MIDY Pig Biobank - A unique resource for studying organ crosstalk in diabetes. Mol. Metab. 6, 931-940 (2017)