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Danisch, S.* et al.: Spatio-temporally skewed activation of PD-1 T cells after epstein barr virus infection and tumor development in long-term fully humanized mice. Am. J. Pathol. 189, 521-539 (2019)
Kalbarczyk, M.* et al.: Cord blood derived CAR-T cells targeting gp350 containing CD28/CD3 zeta or 4-1BB/CD3 zeta signaling domains directly react against cells infected with EBV bypassing the need of HLA-matched memory T cells. Mol. Ther. 27, 175-176 (2019)
Apweiler, R.* et al.: Whither systems medicine? Exp. Mol. Med. 50:e453 (2018)
Stripecke, R.* et al.: Pembrolizumab therapy exacerbates EBV-induced infections and tumors in a long-term fully humanized mouse model. Blood 132 (2018)