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Westphal, D.S. et al.: Lessons from exome sequencing in prenatally diagnosed heart defects: A basis for prenatal testing. Clin. Genet. 95, 582-589 (2019)
Leszinski, G.S.* ; Warncke, K.* ; Hoefele, J.* & Wagner, M.: A case report and review of the literature indicate that HMGA2 should be added as a disease gene for Silver-Russell syndrome. Gene 663, 110-114 (2018)
Riedhammer, K.M.* ; Leszinski, G.S.* ; Andres, S. ; Strobl-Wildemann, G.* & Wagner, M.: First replication that biallelic variants in FITM2 cause a complex deafness-dystonia syndrome. Mov. Disord. 33, 1665-1666 (2018)