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Giuranna, J.* et al.: The effect of SH2B1 variants on expression of leptin- and insulin-induced pathways in murine hypothalamus. Obes. Facts 11, 93-108 (2018)
Wesdorp, M.* et al.: MPZL2, encoding the epithelial junctional protein myelin protein zero-like 2, is essential for hearing in man and mouse. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 103, 74-88 (2018)
Berberich, S.* et al.: Differential molecular and anatomical basis for B cell migration into the peritoneal cavity and omental milky spots. J. Immunol. 180, 2196-2203 (2008)
Dorn, T.* et al.: RhoH is important for positive thymocyte selection and T-cell receptor signaling. Blood 109, 2346-2355 (2007)
Yu, P. et al.: Autoimmunity and inflammation due to a gain-of-function mutation in phospholipase Cgamma2 that specifically increases external Ca2+ entry. Immunity 22, 451-465 (2005)