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Orth, M. ; Unger, K. ; Schoetz, U. ; Belka, C. & Lauber, K.: Taxane-mediated radiosensitization derives from chromosomal missegregation on tripolar mitotic spindles orchestrated by AURKA and TPX2. Oncogene 37, 52-62 (2018)
Pan, M.* et al.: EpCAM ectodomain EpEX is a ligand of EGFR that counteracts EGF-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition through modulation of phospho-ERK1/2 in head and neck cancers. PLoS Biol. 16:e2006624 (2018)
Pitea, A. et al.: Copy number aberrations from Affymetrix SNP 6.0 genotyping data-how accurate are commonly used prediction approaches? Brief. Bioinform., accepted (2018)
Schoetz, U.* et al.: Prognostic biomarkers and targets for personalization of radiotherapy of HNSCC: CD44v6. Radiother. Oncol. 127, S251-S251 (2018)
Wilke, C. et al.: Expression of miRNA-26b-5p and its target TRPS1 is associated with radiation exposure in post-Chernobyl breast cancer. Int. J. Cancer 142, 573-583 (2018)
Wilke, C. et al.: A genomic copy number signature predicts radiation exposure in post-Chernobyl breast cancer. Int. J. Cancer 143, 1505-1515 (2018)
Wintergerst, L. et al.: A prognostic mRNA expression signature of four 16q24.3 genes in radio(chemo)therapy-treated head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). Mol. Oncol., accepted (2018)
Boege, Y.* et al.: A dual role of caspase-8 in triggering and sensing proliferation-associated DNA damage, a key determinant of liver cancer development. Cancer Cell 32, 342-359.e10 (2017)
Hess, J. et al.: Genomic amplification of Fanconi anemia complementation group A (FancA) in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC): Cellular mechanisms of radioresistance and clinical relevance. Cancer Lett. 386, 87-99 (2017)
Kleemann, M.* et al.: Investigation on tissue specific effects of pro-apoptotic micro RNAs revealed miR-147b as a potential biomarker in ovarian cancer prognosis. Oncotarget 8, 18773-18791 (2017)
Niyazi, M.* et al.: Independent validation of a prognostic 4-miRNA signature in de novo glioblastoma. Strahlenther. Onkol. 193, S52-S52 (2017)
Piehlmaier, D. et al.: In-vitro and in-vivo characterization of a glioblastoma cell line panel. Strahlenther. Onkol. 193, S154-S154 (2017)
Schneider, L. et al.: Subgroups of HPV-positive and HPV-negative head and neck squamous cell carcinoma differing in global copy number changes and prognosis. Strahlenther. Onkol. 193, S149-S149 (2017)
Schoetz, U.* et al.: Increased CD44v6 expression confers radioresistance in subsets of HNSCC. Strahlenther. Onkol. 193, S85-S85 (2017)
Steens, J.* et al.: In vitro generation of vascular wall-resident multipotent stem cells of mesenchymal nature from murine induced pluripotent stem cells. Stem Cell Rep. 8, 919-932 (2017)
Wunderlich, R. et al.: Interconnection between DNA damage, senescence, inflammation, and cancer. Front. Biosci. 22, 348-369 (2017)
Wunderlich, R. et al.: Irradiated HPV+ head and neck cancer cells induce an interferon related gene expression in various innate immune cell subtypes. Strahlenther. Onkol. 193, S84-S84 (2017)
Yuan, D.T. et al.: Kupffer cell-derived Tnf triggers cholangiocellular tumorigenesis through JNK due to chronic mitochondrial dysfunction and ROS. Cancer Cell 31, 771-789.e6 (2017)
Endig, J.* et al.: Dual role of the adaptive immune system in liver injury and hepatocellular carcinoma development. Cancer Cell 30, 308-323 (2016)
Handkiewicz-Junak, D.* et al.: Gene signature of the post-Chernobyl papillary thyroid cancer. Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging 43, 1267-1277 (2016)