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Li, Y.* et al.: Genetic interaction analysis among oncogenesis-related genes revealed novel genes and networks in lung cancer development. Oncotarget 10, 1760-1774 (2019)
Ferreiro-Iglesias, A.* et al.: Fine mapping of MHC region in lung cancer highlights independent susceptibility loci by ethnicity. Nat. Commun. 9:3927 (2018)
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Kachuri, L.* et al.: Mendelian Randomization and mediation analysis of leukocyte telomere length and risk of lung and head and neck cancers. Int. J. Epidemiol., accepted (2018)
Li, Y.* et al.: Genome-wide interaction study of smoking behavior and non-small cell lung cancer risk in Caucasian population. Carcinogenesis 39, 336-346 (2018)
Carreras-Torres, R.* et al.: Obesity, metabolic factors and risk of different histological types of lung cancer: A Mendelian randomization study. PLoS ONE 12:e0177875 (2017)
McKay, J.D.* et al.: Large-scale association analysis identifies new lung cancer susceptibility loci and heterogeneity in genetic susceptibility across histological subtypes. Nat. Genet. 49, 1126-1132 (2017)
Olsson, A.C.* et al.: Exposure-response analyses of asbestos and lung cancer subtypes in a pooled analysis of case-control studies. Epidemiology 28, 288-299 (2017)
Behrens, T.* et al.: Occupational prestige, social mobility and the association with lung cancer in men. BMC Cancer 16:395 (2016)
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Brenner, D.R.* et al.: Identification of lung cancer histology-specific variants applying Bayesian framework variant prioritization approaches within the TRICL and ILCCO consortia. Carcinogenesis 36, 1314-1326 (2015)
Consonni, D.* et al.: Lung cancer risk among bricklayers in a pooled analysis of case-control studies. Int. J. Cancer 136, 360-371 (2015)
Taeger, D.* et al.: Lung cancer among coal miners, ore miners and quarrymen: Smoking-adjusted risk estimates from the synergy pooled analysis of case-control studies. Scand. J. Work Environ. Health 41, 467-477 (2015)
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Vlaanderen, J.* et al.: Effect modification of the association of cumulative exposure and cancer risk by intensity of exposure and time since exposure cessation: A flexible method applied to cigarette smoking and lung cancer in the SYNERGY study. Am. J. Epidemiol. 179, 290-298 (2014)
Behrens, T.* et al.: Lung cancer risk among bakers, pastry cooks and confectionary makers: The SYNERGY study. Occup. Environ. Med. 70, 810-814 (2013)