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van Well, E.M.* et al.: A protein quality control pathway regulated by linear ubiquitination. EMBO J. 38:e100730 (2019)
di Giaimo, R. et al.: The aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway defines the time frame for restorative neurogenesis. Cell Rep. 25, 3241-3251.e5 (2018)
Weber, A.* et al.: Epigenome-wide DNA methylation profiling in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy reveals major changes at DLX1. Nat. Commun. 9:2929 (2018)
Zimprich, A. et al.: Identifying underlying mechanisms of voluntary activity by mining large data sets of genetically modified mouse lines. Poster: Federation of European Neuroscience Societies Forum, 7-11 July 2018, Berlin. (2018)
Doll, S. et al.: ACSL4 dictates ferroptosis sensitivity by shaping cellular lipid composition. Nat. Chem. Biol. 13, 91-98 (2017)
Mazaheri, F.* et al.: TREM2 deficiency impairs chemotaxis and microglial responses to neuronal injury. EMBO Rep. 18, 1186-1198 (2017)
Trümbach, D. et al.: ENCoRE: An efficient software for CRISPR screens identifies new players in extrinsic apoptosis. BMC Genomics 18:905 (2017)
Welk, V. et al.: Inhibition of proteasome activity induces formation of alternative proteasome complexes. J. Biol. Chem. 291, 13147-13159 (2016)
Wittmann, A. et al.: Sphingomyelin synthase 1 is essential for male fertility in mice. PLoS ONE 11:e0164298 (2016)
Arloth, J.* et al.: Genetic differences in the immediate transcriptome response to stress predict risk-related brain function and psychiatric disorders. Neuron 86, 1189-1202 (2015)
Trümbach, D. & Prakash, N.: The conserved miR-8/miR-200 microRNA family and their role in invertebrate and vertebrate neurogenesis. Cell Tissue Res. 359, 161-177 (2015)
Giusti, S.A.* et al.: MicroRNA-9 controls dendritic development by targeting REST. eLife 3:e02755 (2014)
Kandasamy, M.* et al.: TGF-beta signalling in the adult neurogenic niche promotes stem cell quiescence as well as generation of new neurons. J. Cell. Mol. Med. 18, 1444-1459 (2014)
Matthes, M. et al.: Mouse IDGenes: A reference database for genetic interactions in the developing mouse brain. Database 2014:bau083 (2014)
Stribl, C.B. et al.: Mitochondrial dysfunction and decrease in body weight of a transgenic knock-in mouse model for TDP-43. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 10769-10784 (2014)
Hock, S. et al.: Sharpening of expression domains induced by transcription and microRNA regulation within a spatio-temporal model of mid-hindbrain boundary formation. BMC Syst. Biol. 7:48 (2013)
Müller-Rischart, A.K.* et al.: The E3 ligase Parkin maintains mitochondrial integrity by increasing linear ubiquitination of NEMO. Mol. Cell 49, 908-921 (2013)
Augustin, R. et al.: Computational identification and experimental validation of microRNAs binding to the Alzheimer-related gene ADAM10. BMC Med. Genet. 13:35 (2012)
Wefers, B. et al.: MAPK signaling determines anxiety in the juvenile mouse brain but depression-like behavior in adults. PLoS ONE 7:e35035 (2012)
Augustin, R. et al.: Bioinformatics identification of modules of transcription factor binding sites in Alzheimer's disease-related genes by in silico promoter analysis and microarrays. Int. J. Alzheimers Dis. 2011:154325 (2011)