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Rapsomaniki, E.* ; White, I.R.* ; Wood, A.M.* ; Thompson, S.G.* & Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration (Döring, A. ; Meisinger, C.): A framework for quantifying net benefits of alternative prognostic models. Stat. Med. 31, 114-130 (2012)
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Stöckl, D. et al.: Reproductive factors and serum uric acid levels in females from the general population: The KORA F4 study. PLoS ONE 7:e32668 (2012)
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Baumeister, S.E.* et al.: The Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index predicts increased healthcare costs and hospitalization in a cohort of community-dwelling older adults: Results from the MONICA/KORA Augsburg cohort study, 1994-2005. Nutrition 27, 534-542 (2011)
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