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Kueffner, R.* et al.: Stratification of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients: A crowdsourcing approach. Sci. Rep. 9:690 (2019)
Olefir, I. et al.: Spatial and spectral mapping and decomposition of neural dynamics and organization of the mouse brain with multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Cell Rep. 26, 2833-2846.e3 (2019)
Yang, H. ; Olefir, I. ; Tzoumas, S.* & Ntziachristos, V.: Synthetic data framework to estimate the minimum detectable concentration of contrast agents for multispectral optoacoustic imaging of small animals. J. Biophotonics, accepted (2019)
Yang, H. ; Jüstel, D. ; Prakash, J. & Ntziachristos, V.: Modeling the variation in speed of sound between couplant and tissue improves the spectral accuracy of multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10890:108902 (2019)
Yang, H. ; Jüstel, D.* ; Prakash, J. & Ntziachristos, V.: Modeling the variation in speed-of-sound between couplant and tissue improves the spectral accuracy of multispectral optoacoustic tomography. In: (SPIE Photonics West, 2-7 February 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA). 2019.
Griesmann, M. et al.: Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis. Science 361:eaat1743 (2018)
Kellnberger, S. et al.: Optoacoustic microscopy at multiple discrete frequencies. Light Sci. Appl. 7:109 (2018)
Olefir, I. ; Tzoumas, S.* ; Yang, H. & Ntziachristos, V.: A bayesian approach to eigenspectra Ootoacoustic tomography. IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging 37, 2070-2079 (2018)
Jia, J.* et al.: Aegilops tauschii draft genome sequence reveals a gene repertoire for wheat adaptation. Nature 496, 91-95 (2013)
Li, H.* et al.: A genome-wide association study identifies GRK5 and RASGRP1 as type 2 diabetes loci in Chinese Hans. Diabetes 62, 291-298 (2013)
Chew, V.* et al.: Chemokine-driven lymphocyte infiltration: An early intratumoural event determining long-term survival in resectable hepatocellular carcinoma. Gut 61, 427-438 (2012)
Andreae, M.O.* et al.: Optical properties and chemical composition of the atmospheric aerosol in urban Guangzhou, China. Atmos. Environ. 42, 6335-6350 (2008)
Garland, R.M.* et al.: Aerosol optical properties in a rural environment near the mega-city Guangzhou, China: Implications for regional air pollution, radiative forcing and remote sensing. Atmos. Chem. Phys. 8, 5161-5186 (2008)
Oberdörster, G.* et al.: Principles for characterizing the potential human health effects from exposure to nanomaterials: Elements of a screening strategy. Part. Fibre Toxicol. 2:8 (2005)
International Chicken Genome Sequencing Consortium et al.: Sequence and comparative analysis of the chicken genome provide unique perspectives on vertebrate evolution. Nature 432, 695-716 (2004)