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del Barco Barrantes, I.* et al.: Generation and characterization of dickkopf3 mutant mice. Mol. Cell. Biol. 26, 2317-2326 (2006)
Diehl, D.* et al.: IGF-II transgenic mice display increased aberrant colon crypt multiplicity and tumor volume after 1,2-demethylhydrazine treatment. J. Carcinog. 5:24 (2006)
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Gailus-Durner, V. et al.: Open access mouse phenotyping platform: The German Mouse Clinic. Vortrag: International Mouse Genome Congress (IMGC), 12-16 November 2006, Charleston, USA. (2006)
Klempt, M.* et al.: Genotype-specific environmental impact on the variance of blood values in inbred and F1 hybrid mice. Mamm. Genome 17, 93-102 (2006)
Eumorphia Consortium (Brown, S.D.M. ; Chambon, P. ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. ; Wurst, W. ; Abe, K. ; Beckers, J. ; Busch, D.H. ; Dalke, C. ; Gailus-Durner, V. ; Elvert, R. ; Franz, T. ; Fuchs, H. ; Graw, J. ; Hölter, S.M. ; Jakob, T. ; Kalaydjiev, S. ; Kallnik, M. ; Klempt, M. ; Klingenspor, M. ; Klopstock, T. ; Lengger, C. ; Quintanilla-Martinez, L. ; Pedersen, V. ; Puk, O. ; Schneider, I. ; Vogt Weisenhorn, D.M. ; Wagner, S. ; Wolf, E.): EMPReSS: Standardized phenotype screens for functional annotation of the mouse genome. Nat. Genet. 37, 1155 (2005)
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Gailus-Durner, V. et al.: Mäuse als Modelle für menschliche Erkrankungen. GenomXPress 2, 7-10 (2005)
Graw, J. et al.: Three novel Pax6 alleles in the mouse leading to the same small-eye phenotype caused by different consequences at target promoters. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 46, 4671-4683 (2005)
Rathkolb, B.* et al.: Large-scale albuminuria screen for nephropathy models in chemically induced mouse mutants. Nephron Exp. Nephrol 100, 143-149 (2005)
Schneider, M.R.* et al.: Betacellulin overexpression in transgenic mice causes disproportionate growth, pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome and complex eye pathology. Endocrinology 146, 5237-5246 (2005)
Frauscher, B.* et al.: Association of daytime sleepiness with COMT polymorphism in patients with Parkinson disease: A pilot study. Sleep 27, 733-736 (2004)
Willer, T.* et al.: Targeted disruption of the Walker-Warburg syndrome gene Pomt1 in mouse results in embryonic lethality. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 101, 14126-14131 (2004)
Gilch, S.* et al.: Polyclonal anti-PrP auto-antibodies induced with dimeric PrP interfere efficiently with PrPSc propagation in prion-infected cells. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 18524-18531 (2003)
Graw, J. et al.: V76D mutation in a conserved gammaD-crystallin region leads to dominant cataracts in mice. Mamm. Genome 13, 452-455 (2002)
Lahm, H.* et al.: Diethylnitrosamine induces long-lasting re-expression of insulin-like growth factor II during early stages of liver carcinogenesis in mice. Growth Horm. IGF Res. 12, 69-79 (2002)
Alessandrini, F.* et al.: ENU Mouse Mutagenesis : Generation of Mouse Mutants with Aberrant Plasma IgE Levels. Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol. 124, 25-28 (2001)
Graw, J. et al.: Aey2, a New Mutation in the ßB2-Crystallin-Encoding Gene of the Mouse. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 42, 1574-1580 (2001)
Graw, J. et al.: Ethylnitrosourea-induced mutation in mice leads to the expression of a novel protein in the eye and to dominant cataracts. Genetics 157, 1313-1320 (2001)
Graw, J. et al.: Characterization of a New, Dominant V124E Mutation in the Mouse alphaA-Crystallin-Encoding Gene. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. 42, 2909-2915 (2001)