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Graw, J. et al.: Characterization of a Mutation in the Lens-specific MP70 Encoding Gene of the Mouse Leading to a Dominant Cataract. Exp. Eye Res. 73, 867-876 (2001)
Flaswinkel, H.* et al.: Identification of immunological relevant phenotypes in ENU mutagenized mice. Mamm. Genome 11, 526-527 (2000)
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Rathkolb, B.* et al.: The clinical-chemical screen in the Munich ENU Mouse Mutagenesis Project : Screening for clinically relevant phenotypes. Mamm. Genome 11, 543-546 (2000)
Rolinski, B.* et al.: The biochemical metabolite screen in the Munich ENU Mouse Mutagenesis Project : Determination of amino acids and acylcarnitines by tandem mass spectrometry. Mamm. Genome 11, 547-551 (2000)
Soewarto, D. et al.: The large-scale Munich ENU-mouse-mutagenesis screen. Mamm. Genome 11, 507-510 (2000)
Forster, R.* et al.: CCR7 Coordinates the Primary Immune Response by Establishing Functional Microenvironments in Secondary Lymphoid Organs. Cell 99, 23-33 (1999)
Graichen, H.* et al.: A non destructive technique for 3-D microstructural phenotypic characterisation of bones in genetically altered mice: preliminary data in growth hormone transgenic animals and normal controls. Anat. Embryol. 199, 239-248 (1999)
Graw, J. et al.: Mutation in the ßA3/A1-Crystallin Encoding Gene Cryba1 Causes a Dominant Cataract in the Mouse. Genomics 62, 67-73 (1999)
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