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Rozman, J. et al.: Glucose tolerance tests for systematic screening of glucose homeostasis in mice. Curr. Protoc. Mouse Biol. 5, 65-84 (2015)
Schlosser, A.* et al.: MFAP4 promotes vascular smooth muscle migration, proliferation and accelerates neointima formation. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 36, 122-133 (2015)
Baumgart, S.* et al.: Inflammation-induced NFATc1-STAT3 transcription complex promotes pancreatic cancer initiation by KrasG12D. Cancer Discov. 4, 688-701 (2014)
Dahlhoff, M.* et al.: Peri-conceptional obesogenic exposure induces sex-specific programming of disease susceptibilities in adult mouse offspring. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Mol. Basis Dis. 1842, 304–317 (2014)
Dutta, S. et al.: Analysis of the tissue-specific expression requirements and identification of cooperating mutations for leukemogenesis in an inducible CALM/AF10 knock-in mouse model. Blood 124 (2014)
Horsch, M. et al.: Uromodulin retention in thick ascending limb of Henle's loop affects SCD1 in neighboring proximal tubule: Renal transcriptome studies in mouse models of uromodulin-associated kidney disease. PLoS ONE 9:e113125 (2014)
Keller, J.* et al.: Calcitonin controls bone formation by inhibiting the release of sphingosine 1-phosphate from osteoclasts. Nat. Commun. 5:5215 (2014)
Kemter, E.* et al.: No amelioration of uromodulin maturation and trafficking defect by sodium-4-phenylbutyrate in vivo: Studies in mouse models of uromodulin-associated kidney disease. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 10715-10726 (2014)
Kemter, E.* et al.: Standardized, systemic phenotypic analysis of Slc12a1 I299F mutant mice. J. Biomed. Sci. 21:68 (2014)
Kraus, P.* et al.: Pleiotropic functions for transcription factor Zscan10. PLoS ONE 9:e104568 (2014)
Stribl, C.B. et al.: Mitochondrial dysfunction and decrease in body weight of a transgenic knock-in mouse model for TDP-43. J. Biol. Chem. 289, 10769-10784 (2014)
Zumbrennen-Bullough, K.B.* et al.: Abnormal brain iron metabolism in Irp2 deficient mice is associated with mild neurological and behavioral impairments. PLoS ONE 9:e98072 (2014)
Dahlhoff, M.* ; Hrabě de Angelis, M. ; Wolf, E.* & Schneider, M.R.*: Ligand-independent epidermal growth factor receptor hyperactivation increases sebaceous gland size and sebum secretion in mice. Exp. Dermatol. 22, 667-669 (2013)
Hochrath, K.* et al.: Modeling hepatic osteodystrophy in Abcb4 deficient mice. Bone 55, 501-511 (2013)
Hölter, S.M. et al.: A broad phenotypic screen identifies novel phenotypes driven by a single mutant allele in Huntington’s diesease CAG knock-in mice. PLoS ONE 8:e80923 (2013)
Ju, L.* et al.: SMC6 is an essential gene in mice, but a hypomorphic mutant in the ATPase domain has a mild phenotype with a range of subtle abnormalities. DNA Repair 12, 356-366 (2013)
Kahle, M. et al.: Phenotypic comparison of common mouse strains developing high-fat diet-induced hepatosteatosis. Mol. Metab. 2, 435-446 (2013)
Kemter, E.* et al.: Type of uromodulin mutation and allelic status influence onset and severity of uromodulin-associated kidney disease in mice. Hum. Mol. Genet. 22, 4148-4163 (2013)
Kemter, E.* et al.: Standardized, systemic phenotypic analysis of UmodC93F and UmodA227T mutant mice. PLoS ONE 8:e78337 (2013)
Kugler, J.E.* et al.: High mobility group N proteins modulate the fidelity of the cellular transcriptional profile in a tissue- and variant-specific manner. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 16690-16703 (2013)