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Hross, S. ; Theis, F.J. ; Sixt, M.* & Hasenauer, J.: Mechanistic description of spatial processes using integrative modelling of noise-corrupted imaging data. J. R. Soc. Interface 15:20180600 (2018)
Reversat, A.* et al.: Morphodynamic analysis of T lymphocyte migration in confined microenvironments. Mol. Biol. Cell 25:P537 (2014)
Wendland, M.* et al.: Lymph node T cell homeostasis relies on steady state homing of dendritic cells. Immunity 35, 945-957 (2012)
Kessenbrock, K.* et al.: Proteinase 3 and neutrophil elastase enhance inflammation in mice by inactivating antiinflammatory progranulin. J. Clin. Invest. 118, 2438-2447 (2008)
Dorn, T.* et al.: RhoH is important for positive thymocyte selection and T-cell receptor signaling. Blood 109, 2346-2355 (2007)