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Georgii, E. et al.: The systems architecture of molecular memory in poplar after abiotic stress. Plant Cell 31, 346-367 (2019)
Pont, C.* et al.: Tracing the ancestry of modern bread wheats. Nat. Genet. 51, 905-911 (2019)
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Gardiner, L.J.* et al.: Hidden variation in polyploid wheat drives local adaptation. Genome Res. 28, 1319-1332 (2018)
Griesmann, M. et al.: Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis. Science 361:eaat1743 (2018)
Hannemann, L.* et al.: A promiscuous beta-glucosidase is involved in benzoxazinoid deglycosylation in Lamium galeobdolon. Phytochemistry 156, 224-233 (2018)
Juhász, A.* et al.: Genome mapping of seed-borne allergens and immunoresponsive proteins in wheat. Sci. Adv. 4:eaar8602 (2018)
Messerer, M. ; Lang, D. & Mayer, K.F.X.: Analysis of stress resistance using next generation techniques. Agronomy 8:130 (2018)
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Thind, A.K.* et al.: Chromosome-scale comparative sequence analysis unravels molecular mechanisms of genome dynamics between two wheat cultivars. Genome Biol. 19:104 (2018)
Vogel, A.* et al.: Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris. Nat. Commun. 9:2515 (2018)
Wicker, T.* et al.: Impact of transposable elements on genome structure and evolution in bread wheat. Genome Biol. 19:103 (2018)
Avni, R.* et al.: Wild emmer genome architecture and diversity elucidate wheat evolution and domestication. Science 357, 93-97 (2017)
Bolger, M.E.* et al.: From plant genomes to phenotypes. J. Biotechnol. 17, 46-52 (2017)
Grübler, B.* et al.: Light and plastid signals regulate different sets of genes in the albino mutant pap7-1. Plant Physiol. 175, 1203-1219 (2017)
Lang, D. et al.: The Physcomitrella patens chromosome-scale assembly reveals moss genome structure and evolution. Plant J. 93, 515-533 (2017)
Luo, M.C.* et al.: Genome sequence of the progenitor of the wheat D genome Aegilops tauschii. Nature 551, 498-502 (2017)
Lutz, U.* et al.: Natural haplotypes of FLM non-coding sequences fine-tune flowering time in ambient spring temperatures in Arabidopsis. eLife 6:e22114 (2017)