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Wicker, T.* et al.: DNA transposon activity is associated with increased mutation rates in genes of rice and other grasses. Nat. Commun. 7:12790 (2016)
Alter, S.* et al.: DroughtDB: An expert-curated compilation of plant drought stress genes and their homologs in nine species. Database 2015:bav046 (2015)
Byrne, S.L.* et al.: A synteny-based draft genome sequence of the forage grass Lolium perenne. Plant J. 84, 816-826 (2015)
Cvikova, K.* et al.: High-throughput physical map anchoring via BAC-pool sequencing. BMC Plant Biol. 15:99 (2015)
Czaban, A.* et al.: Comparative transcriptome analysis within the Lolium/Festuca species complex reveals high sequence conservation. BMC Genomics 16:249 (2015)
de Vega, J.J.* et al.: Red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) draft genome provides a platform for trait improvement. Sci. Rep. 5:17394 (2015)
Dietzel, L.* et al.: Identification of early nuclear target genes of plastidial redox signals that trigger the long-term response of Arabidopsis to light quality shifts. Mol. Plant 8, 1237–1252 (2015)
Haberer, G. & Mayer, K.F.X.: Barley: From brittle to stable harvest. Cell 162, 469-471 (2015)
Helguera, E.* et al.: New insights into the wheat chromosome 4D structure and virtual gene order, revealed by survey pyrosequencing. Plant Sci. 233, 200-212 (2015)
Lutz, U.* et al.: Modulation of ambient temperature-dependent flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana by natural variation of FLOWERING LOCUS M. PLoS Genet. 11:e1005588 (2015)
Mathew, L.S.* et al.: A genome-wide survey of date palm cultivars supports two major subpopulations in Phoenix dactylifera. Genes Genomes Genetics G3 5, 1429-1438 (2015)
Nussbaumer, T. et al.: Joint tanscriptomic and metabolomic analyses reveal changes in the primary metabolism and imbalances in the subgenome orchestration in the bread wheat molecular response to Fusarium graminearum. Genes Genomes Genetics G3 5, 2579-2592 (2015)
Qanbari, S.* et al.: Parallel selection revealed by population sequencing in chicken. Genome Biol. Evol. 7, 3299-3306 (2015)
Sandve, S.R.* et al.: Chloroplast phylogeny of Triticum/Aegilops species is not incongruent with an ancient homoploid hybrid origin of the ancestor of the bread wheat D-genome. New Phytol. 208, 9–10 (2015)
Silvar, C.* et al.: Assessing the barley genome zipper and genomic resources for breeding purposes. Plant Genome 8, DOI: 10.3835/plantgenome2015.06.0045 (2015)
Spannagl, M. et al.: Transplant resources for Triticeae genomic data. Plant Genome 9, DOI: 10.3835/plantgenome2015.06.0038 (2015)
Unterholzner, S.J.* et al.: Brassinosteroids are master regulators of gibberellin biosynthesis in arabidopsis. Plant Cell 27, 2261-2272 (2015)
International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (Appels, R.* ; Mayer, K.F.X. ; Rogers, J.* ; Eversole, K.* ; Feuillet, C.* ; Stein, N.* ; Keller, B.*) et al.: A chromosome-based draft sequence of the hexaploid bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) genome. Science 345:1251788 (2014)
Ariyadasa, R.* et al.: A sequence-ready physical map of barley anchored genetically by two million single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Plant Physiol. 164, 412-423 (2014)
Banaei-Moghaddam, A.M.* et al.: Genes on B chromosomes: Old questions revisited with new tools. Biochim. Biophys. Acta-Gene Regul. Mech. 1849, 64-70 (2014)