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Schneider, K.* et al.: Dissection of cell cycle-dependent dynamics of Dnmt1 by FRAP and diffusion-coupled modeling. Nucleic Acids Res. 41, 4860-4876 (2013)
Wolf, A. et al.: The poly-serine domain of the lysyl-5 hydroxylase Jmjd6 mediates subnuclear localization. Biochem. J. 453, 357-370 (2013)
Bönisch, C.* et al.: H2A.Z.2.2 is an alternatively spliced histone H2A.Z variant that causes severe nucleosome destabilization. Nucleic Acids Res. 40, 5951-5964 (2012)
Hochstatter, J.* et al.: Myb-binding protein 1a (Mybbp1a) regulates levels and processing of pre-ribosomal RNA. J. Biol. Chem. 287, 24365-24377 (2012)
Markaki, Y.* et al.: Functional nuclear organization oft transcription and DNA replication: A topographical marriage between chromatin domains and the interchromatin compartment. Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 75, 475-492 (2011)
Wiedemann, S.M.* et al.: Identification and characterization of two novel primate-specific histone H3 variants, H3.X and H3.Y. J. Cell Biol. 190, 777-791 (2010)
Spada, F.* et al.: DNMT1 but not its interaction with the replication machinery is required for maintenance of DNA methylation in human cells. J. Cell Biol. 176, 565-571 (2007)