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Nikolakopoulou, P.* et al.: Streptozotocin-induced beta-cell damage, high fat diet, and metformin administration regulate Hes3 expression in the adult mouse brain. Sci. Rep. 8:11335 (2018)
Beckervordersandforth, R.* et al.: Role of mitochondrial metabolism in the control of early lineage progression and aging phenotypes in adult hippocampal neurogenesis. Neuron 93, 560-573.e6 (2017)
Deng, T.* et al.: Interplay between H1 and HMGN epigenetically regulates OLIG1&2 expression and oligodendrocyte differentiation. Nucleic Acids Res. 45, 3031-3045 (2017)
Salminen, A.V.* et al.: Circadian locomotor activity in meis1 knock-out mice. Sleep Med. 40, E290-E291 (2017)
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Zimprich, A. et al.: Assessing sociability, social memory, and pup retrieval in mice. Curr. Protoc. Mouse Biol. 7, 287-305 (2017)
Eden, M.* et al.: Myoscape controls cardiac calcium cycling and contractility via regulation of L-type calcium channel surface expression. Nat. Commun. 7:11317 (2016)
Eden, M.* et al.: Erratum: Myoscape controls cardiac calcium cycling and contractility via regulation of L-type calcium channel surface expression. Nat. Commun. 7:11835 (2016)
Fuchs, H. et al.: The first Scube3 mutant mouse line with pleiotropic phenotypic alterations. Genes Genomes Genetics G3 6, 4035-4046 (2016)
Zimprich, A. et al.: Serum response factor (SRF) ablation interferes with acute stress-associated immediate and long-term coping mechanisms. Mol. Neurobiol. 54, 8242–8262 (2016)
Garrett, L. et al.: Conditional reduction of adult born doublecortin-positive neurons reversibly impairs selective behaviors. Front. Behav. Neurosci. 9:302 (2015)
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Hölter, S.M. et al.: Assessing cognition in mice. Curr. Protoc. Mouse Biol. 5, 331-358:doi: 10.1002/9780470942390.mo160 (2015)
Hrabě de Angelis, M. et al.: Analysis of mammalian gene function through broad-based phenotypic screens across a consortium of mouse clinics. Nat. Genet. 47, 969-978 (2015)
Keeney, J.G.* et al.: Generation of mice lacking DUF1220 protein domains: Effects on fecundity and hyperactivity. Mamm. Genome 26, 33-42 (2015)
Kessler, T.* et al.: ADAMTS-7 inhibits re-endothelialization of injured arteries and promotes vascular remodeling via cleavage of thrombospondin-1. Circulation 131, 1191-1201 (2015)
Lagouge, M.* et al.: SLIRP regulates the rate of mitochondrial protein synthesis and protects LRPPRC from degradation. PLoS Genet. 11:e1005423 (2015)
Saarikangas, J.* et al.: MIM-induced membrane bending promotes dendritic spine initiation. Dev. Cell 33, 644-659 (2015)
Becker, L. et al.: MTO1-deficient mouse model mirrors the human phenotype showing complex I defect and cardiomyopathy. PLoS ONE 9:e114918 (2014)
Blanco, S.* et al.: Aberrant methylation of tRNAs links cellular stress to neuro-developmental disorders. EMBO J. 33, 2020-2039 (2014)