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Egaña, I.* et al.: Female mice lacking Pald1 exhibit endothelial cell apoptosis and emphysema. Sci. Rep. 7:15453 (2017)
Neuenhahn, M. et al.: Transfer of minimally manipulated CMV-specific T cells from stem cell or third-party donors to treat CMV infection after allo-HSCT. Leukemia 31, 2161-2171 (2017)
Backes, S. et al.: Protein-prime/modified vaccinia virus Ankara vector-boost vaccination overcomes tolerance in high-antigenemic HBV-transgenic mice. Vaccine 34, 923-932 (2016)
Broadley, S.P.* et al.: Dual-track clearance of circulating bacteria balances rapid restoration of blood sterility with induction of adaptive immunity. Cell Host Microbe 20, 36-48 (2016)
Côme, C.* et al.: CIP2A promotes T-cell activation and immune response to Listeria monocytogenes infection. PLoS ONE 11:e0152996 (2016)
Eden, M.* et al.: Myoscape controls cardiac calcium cycling and contractility via regulation of L-type calcium channel surface expression. Nat. Commun. 7:11317 (2016)
Eden, M.* et al.: Erratum: Myoscape controls cardiac calcium cycling and contractility via regulation of L-type calcium channel surface expression. Nat. Commun. 7:11835 (2016)
Kumar, S.* et al.: Generation and standardized, systemic phenotypic analysis of Pou3f3L423P mutant mice. PLoS ONE 11:e0150472 (2016)
Muschaweckh, A. et al.: Antigen-dependent competition shapes the local repertoire of tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells. J. Exp. Med. 213, 3075-3086 (2016)
Schirmer, D.* et al.: Transgenic antigen-specific, HLA-A*02:01-allo-restricted cytotoxic T cells recognize tumor-associated target antigen STEAP1 with high specificity. OncoImmunology 5:e1175795 (2016)
Telieps, T. et al.: Longitudinal frequencies of blood leukocyte sub-populations differ between NOD and NOR mice, but do not predict diabetes in NOD mice. J. Diabetes Res. 2016:4208156 (2016)
Wisskirchen, K. et al.: Functional characterization of OF HBV-specific T cell receptors for redirection of T cells against HBV-infected hepatocytes. Cytotherapy 18, S15-S16 (2016)
Belting, L. et al.: Critical role of the NKG2D receptor for NK cell-mediated control and immune escape of B-cell lymphoma. Eur. J. Immunol. 45, 2593-2601 (2015)
Dargel, C. et al.: T cells engineered to express a T-cell receptor specific for glypican-3 to recognize and kill hepatoma cells in vitro and in mice. Gastroenterology 149, 1042-1052 (2015)
Deng, T.* et al.: Functional compensation among HMGN variants modulates the DNase I hypersensitive sites at enhancers. Genome Res. 25, 1295-1308 (2015)
Flossdorf, M.* ; Rössler, J.* ; Buchholz, V.R.* ; Busch, D.H. & Höfer, T.*: CD8+ T cell diversification by asymmetric cell division. Nat. Immunol. 16, 891-893 (2015)
Hrabě de Angelis, M. et al.: Analysis of mammalian gene function through broad-based phenotypic screens across a consortium of mouse clinics. Nat. Genet. 47, 969-978 (2015)
Kessler, T.* et al.: ADAMTS-7 inhibits re-endothelialization of injured arteries and promotes vascular remodeling via cleavage of thrombospondin-1. Circulation 131, 1191-1201 (2015)
Loffredo-Verde, E.* et al.: Schistosome infection aggravates HCV-related liver disease and induces changes in the regulatory T-cell phenotype. Parasite Immunol. 37, 97-104 (2015)
Graef, P.* et al.: Serial transfer of single-cell-derived immunocompetence reveals stemness of CD8+ central memory T cells. Immunity 41, 116-126 (2014)