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Chen, Z. ; Deán-Ben, X.L.* ; Özbek, A. ; Rebling, J.* & Razansky, D.: Multifocal structured illumination optoacoustic microscopy. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Chuah, S.Y.* et al.: Volumetric multispectral optoacoustic tomography for 3-dimensional reconstruction of skin tumors: A further evaluation with histopathologic correlation. J. Invest. Dermatol. 139, 481-485 (2019)
Dean-Ben, X.L.* & Razansky, D.: Analysis of the optoacoustic signals generated with a tone-burst of nanosecond duration pulses. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Özbek, A. & Razansky, D.: Compressed optoacoustic data acquisition based on a cluster of acoustic scatterers. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Estrada, H. & Razansky, D.: Model-based optical resolution optoacoustic microscopy. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Gottschalk, S. et al.: Rapid volumetric optoacoustic imaging of neural dynamics across the mouse brain. Nat. Bio. Eng. 3, 392–401 (2019)
Gottschalk, S. et al.: Isolated murine brain model for large-scale optoacoustic calcium imaging. Front. Neurosci. 13:290 (2019)
Ivankovic, I. ; Mercep, E.* ; Schmedt, C.-G.* ; Dean-Ben, X.L. & Razansky, D.: Real-time volumetric assessment of the human carotid artery: Handheld multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Radiology 291, 45-50 (2019)
Ivankovic, I. et al.: In vivo assessment of heart function under chronic hypoxic stress with volumetric optoacoustic tomography. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Ivankovic, I.* et al.: Volumetric optoacoustic tomography enables non-invasive in vivo characterization of impaired heart function in hypoxic conditions. Sci. Rep. 9:8369 (2019)
Kimm, M.A.* et al.: Optoacoustic properties of Doxorubicin - A pilot study. PLoS ONE 14:e0217576 (2019)
Mc Larney, B. et al.: Uniform light delivery in volumetric optoacoustic tomography. J. Biophotonics 12:e201800387 (2019)
Merčep, E.* ; Herraiz, J.L.* ; Dean-Ben, X.L. & Razansky, D.: Transmission-reflection optoacoustic ultrasound (TROPUS) computed tomography of small animals. Light Sci. Appl. 8:18 (2019)
Oyaga Landa, F.J. ; Özsoy, C. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. & Razansky, D.: Optoacoustic monitoring of RF ablation lesion progression. Proc. SPIE 10878 (2019)
Prakash, J. ; Mandal, S. ; Razansky, D. & Ntziachristos, V.: Maximum entropy based non-negative optoacoustic tomographic image reconstruction. IEEE T. Bio-Med. Eng., accepted (2019)
Qian, Y.* et al.: A genetically encoded near-infrared fluorescent calcium ion indicator. Nat. Methods 16, 171-174 (2019)
Ron, A. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Gottschalk, S. & Razansky, D.: Volumetric optoacoustic imaging unveils high-resolution patterns of acute and cyclic hypoxia in a murine model of breast cancer. Cancer Res., accepted (2019)
Yang, L. et al.: Three-dimensional quantitative co-mapping of pulmonary morphology and nanoparticle distribution with cellular resolution in non-dissected murine lungs. ACS Nano 13, 1029-1041 (2019)
Balasundaram, G.* et al.: Noninvasive anatomical and functional imaging of orthotopic glioblastoma development and therapy using multispectral optoacoustic tomography. Transl. Oncol. 11, 1251-1258 (2018)
Chen, Z. ; Dean-Ben, X.L. ; Gottschalk, S. & Razansky, D.: Performance of optoacoustic and fluorescence imaging in detecting deepseated fluorescent agents. Biomed. Opt. Express 9, 2229-2239 (2018)