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Kleinhammer, A. ; Wurst, W. & Kühn, R.: Target validation in mice by constitutive and conditional RNAi. Methods Mol. Biol. 986, 307-323 (2013)
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Panda, S. et al.: Highly efficient targeted mutagenesis in mice using TALENs. Genetics 195, 703-713 (2013)
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Spanagel, R.* et al.: A systems medicine research approach for studying alcohol addiction. Addict. Biol. 18, 883-896 (2013)
Sun, M. et al.: Crybb2 coding for βB2-crystallin affects sensorimotor gating and hippocampal function. Mamm. Genome 24, 333-348 (2013)
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Vogel, K.U. et al.: Roquin paralogs 1 and 2 redundantly repress the Icos and Ox40 costimulator mRNAs and control follicular helper T cell differentiation. Immunity 38, 655-668 (2013)
Wang, X.D.* et al.: Nectin-3 links CRHR1 signaling to stress-induced memory deficits and spine loss. Nat. Neurosci. 16, 706-713 (2013)
Wefers, B. et al.: Gene editing in one-cell embryos by zinc-finger and TAL nucleases. In: Auwerx, J.* ; Ackerman, S.L.* ; Brown, S.D.* ; Justice, M.* ; Moore, D.D.* ; Nadeau, J.* [Eds.]: Current Protocols in Mouse Biology. Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2013. 347-364 ( ; 2)
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