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Aichler, M. et al.: N-acyl taurines and acylcarnitines cause an imbalance in insulin synthesis and secretion provoking β cell dysfunction in type 2 diabetes. Cell Metab. 25, 1334-1347.e4 (2017)
Caceres, C.G. et al.: Astrocytic UCP2 is required for hypothalamic response to metabolic challenges. Glia 65, E217-E218 (2017)
Dirscherl, P. ; Jastroch, M. ; Vogt-Weisenhorn, D. & Wurst, W.: Mitochondrial function in Pink1 deficient astrocytes. Poster: (2017)
Einer, C. et al.: Data on chow, liver tissue and mitochondrial fatty acid compositions as well as mitochondrial proteome changes after feeding mice a western diet for 6-24 weeks. Data Brief 15, 163-169 (2017)
Fischer, K. et al.: Alternatively activated macrophages do not synthesize catecholamines or contribute to adipose tissue adaptive thermogenesis. Nat. Med. 23, 623-630 (2017)
Gaudry, M.J.* et al.: Inactivation of thermogenic UCP1 as a historical contingency in multiple placental mammal clades. Sci. Adv. 3:e1602878 (2017)
Hankir, M.K.* et al.: Dissociation between brown adipose tissue 18F-FDG uptake and thermogenesis in uncoupling protein 1 deficient mice. J. Nucl. Med. 58, 1100-1103 (2017)
Ingold, I. et al.: Selenium utilization by GPX4 was an evolutionary requirement to prevent hydroperoxide-induced ferroptosis. Free Radical Biol. Med. 112, 24-24 (2017)
Jastroch, M. & Tschöp, M.H.: METABOLISM. Fat controls U. Circulating uridine acts as a hunger signal. Science 355, 1124-1125 (2017)
Jastroch, M.: Uncoupling protein 1 controls reactive oxygen species in brown adipose tissue. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 114, 7744-7746 (2017)
Kabra, U.D. et al.: Direct substrate delivery into mitochondrial-fission deficient pancreatic islets rescues insulin secretion. Diabetes 66, 1247-1257 (2017)
Kälin, S. et al.: A Stat6/Pten axis links regulatory T cells with adipose tissue function. Cell Metab. 26, 475-492.e7 (2017)
Keipert, S. et al.: Long-term cold adaptation does not require FGF21 or UCP1. Cell Metab. 26, 437-446.e5 (2017)
Keuper, M. et al.: Activated macrophages control human adipocyte mitochondrial bioenergetics via secreted factors. Mol. Metab. 6, 1226-1239 (2017)
Polymeropoulos, E.T.* ; Oelkrug, R.* ; White, C.R.* & Jastroch, M.: Phylogenetic analysis of the allometry of metabolic rate and mitochondrial basal proton leak. J. Therm. Biol. 68, 83-88 (2017)
Polymeropoulos, E.T.* ; Oelkrug, R.* & Jastroch, M.: Mitochondrial proton leak compensates for reduced oxidative power during frequent hypothermic events in a protoendothermic mammal, Echinops telfairi. Front. Physiol. 8:909 (2017)
Pramme-Steinwachs, I. ; Jastroch, M. & Ussar, S.: Extracellular calcium modulates brown adipocyte differentiation and identity. Sci. Rep. 7:8888 (2017)
Wiens, L.* et al.: Comparison of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species production of ectothermic and endothermic fish muscle. Front. Physiol. 8:704 (2017)
Yi, C.-X. et al.: TNFα drives mitochondrial stress in POMC neurons in obesity. Nat. Commun. 8:15143 (2017)
Bader, E. et al.: Identification of proliferative and mature β-cells in the islets of Langerhans. Nature 535, 430-434 (2016)