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Cui, B.* et al.: Highlights of the 2nd International Symposium on Tribbles and Diseases: Tribbles tremble in therapeutics for immunity, metabolism, fundamental cell biology and cancer. Acta Pharm. Sin. B 9, 443-454 (2019)
Liu, S.* ; Schloter, M. ; Hu, R.* ; Vereecken, H.* & Brüggemann, N.*: Hydroxylamine contributes more to abiotic N2O production in soils than nitrite. Front. Env. Sci. 7:47 (2019)
Yang, B.Y.* et al.: Residential greenness and blood lipids in urban-dwelling adults: The 33 Communities Chinese Health Study. Environ. Pollut. 250, 14-22 (2019)
Liu, S.* ; Schloter, M. & Brüggemann, N.*: Accumulation of NO2- during periods of drying stimulates soil N2O emissions during subsequent rewetting. Eur. J. Soil Sci. 69, 936-946 (2018)
Wu, J.* et al.: SNP-based pool genotyping and haplotype analysis accelerate fine-mapping of the wheat genomic region containing stripe rust resistance gene Yr26. Theor. Appl. Genet. 131, 1481-1496 (2018)
Luo, M.C.* et al.: Genome sequence of the progenitor of the wheat D genome Aegilops tauschii. Nature 551, 498-502 (2017)
van den Berg, M.* et al.: Discovery of novel heart rate-associated loci using the Exome Chip. Hum. Mol. Genet. 26, 2346-2363 (2017)
Van Deun, J.* et al.: EV-TRACK: Transparent reporting and centralizing knowledge in extracellular vesicle research. Nat. Methods 14, 228-232 (2017)
Lunetta, K.L.* et al.: Rare coding variants and X-linked loci associated with age at menarche. Nat. Commun. 6:7756 (2015)
Lunetta, K.L.* et al.: Corrigendum: Rare coding variants and X-linked loci associated with age at menarche. Nat. Commun. 6:10257 (2015)
Borgstahl, G.E.* et al.: Interplay of DNA damage and cell cycle signaling at the level of human replication protein A. DNA Repair 21, 12-23 (2014)
Keller, M.F.* et al.: Trans-ethnic meta-analysis of white blood cell phenotypes. Hum. Mol. Genet. 23, 6944-6960 (2014)
Ng, M.C.Y.* et al.: Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in African Americans provides insights into the genetic architecture of type 2 diabetes. PLoS Genet. 10:e100451 (2014)
Sabater-Lleal, M.* et al.: Multiethnic meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies in >100 000 subjects identifies 23 fibrinogen-associated loci but no strong evidence of a causal association between circulating fibrinogen and cardiovascular disease. Circulation 128, 1310-1324 (2013)
Coviello, A.D.* et al.: A genome-wide association meta-analysis of circulating sex hormone-binding globulin reveals multiple loci implicated in sex steroid hormone regulation. PLoS Genet. 8:e1002805 (2012)
Kilpeläinen, T.O.* et al.: Physical activity attenuates the influence of FTO variants on obesity risk: A meta-analysis of 218,166 adults and 19,268 children. PLoS Med. 8:e1001116 (2011)
Nord, A.S.* et al.: The International Gene Trap Consortium website: A portal to all publicly available gene trap cell lines in mouse. Nucleic Acids Res. 34, D642-D648 (2006)