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Kerdidani, D.* et al.: Wnt1 silences chemokine genes in dendritic cells and induces adaptive immune resistance in lung adenocarcinoma. Nat. Commun. 10:1405 (2019)
Sakkou, M.* et al.: Mesenchymal TNFR2 promotes the development of polyarthritis and comorbid heart valve stenosis. JCI insight 3:98864 (2018)
Denis, M.C.* et al.: TNF delta ARE/+: A multimorbidity model of spondyorthropathies. Ann. Rheum. Dis. 76, A49-A49 (2017)
Denis, M.C.* et al.: Cardiac, pulmonary and periodontal disease as comorbidities in TNF-driven models of chronic polyarthritis. Ann. Rheum. Dis. 76, 500-500 (2017)
Kaklamanos, A.* et al.: Extensive phenotypic characterization of a new transgenic mouse reveals pleiotropic perturbations in physiology due to mesenchymal hGH minigene expression. Sci. Rep. 7:2397 (2017)
del Hierro, M.J.* et al.: EMMA: The European Mouse Mutant Archive. Transgenic Res. 25, 228 (2016)
Fernández, J.* et al.: The INFRAFRONTIER research infrastructure and EMMA: The European mouse mutant archive. Transgenic Res. 23, 851 (2014)
Kollias, G.* et al.: Animal models for arthritis: Innovative tools for prevention and treatment. Ann. Rheum. Dis. 70, 1357-1362 (2011)
Hancock, J.M. et al.: Integration of mouse phenome data resources. Mamm. Genome 18, 157-163 (2007)
Biedermann, T.* et al.: Mast cells control neutrophil recruitment during T cell-mediated delayed-type hypersensivity reactions through tumor necrosis factor and macrophage inflammatory protein 2. J. Exp. Med. 192, 1441-1451 (2000)
Maurer, M.* et al.: The c-kit ligand, stem cell factor, can enhance innate immunity through effects on mast cells. J. Exp. Med. 188, 2343-2348 (1998)