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Adam, J. et al.: Metformin effect on non-targeted metabolite profiles in patients with type 2 diabetes and multiple murine tissues. Diabetes 65, 3776-3785 (2016)
Kondofersky, I. et al.: Three general concepts to improve risk prediction: Good data, wisdom of the crowd, recalibration. F1000 Res. 5:2671 (2016)
Strobl, A.N. et al.: Improving patient prostate cancer risk assessment: Moving from static, cross mark globally-applied to dynamic, practice-specific risk calculators. J. Biomed. Inform. 56, 87-93 (2015)
Jochner, S.* et al.: Nutrient status: A missing factor in phenological and pollen research? J. Exp. Bot. 64, 2081-2092 (2013)
Heid, I.M. et al.: Association of the MC4R V103I polymorphism with the metabolic syndrome: The KORA Study. Obesity 16, 369-376 (2008)