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de Jesus, A.L.* et al.: Ultrafine particles and PM2.5 in the air of cities around the world: Are they representative of each other? Environ. Int. 129, 118-135 (2019)
Jiang, X.* et al.: Shared heritability and functional enrichment across six solid cancers. Nat. Commun. 10:431 (2019)
Shrine, N.* et al.: New genetic signals for lung function highlight pathways and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associations across multiple ancestries. Nat. Genet. 51, 481-493 (2019)
Shrine, N.* et al.: Author Correction: New genetic signals for lung function highlight pathways and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associations across multiple ancestries (Nature Genetics, (2019), 51, 3, (481-493), 10.1038/s41588-018-0321-7). Nat. Genet., accepted (2019)
Barbosa-Yañez, R.L.* et al.: Acute endothelial benefits of fat restriction over carbohydrate restriction in type 2 diabetes mellitus: beyond carbs and fats. Nutrients 10:1859 (2018)
Heppt, M.V.* et al.: MSX1-induced neural crest-like reprogramming promotes melanoma progression. J. Invest. Dermatol. 138, 141-149 (2018)
Lin, P.P.* ; Gires, O. ; Wang, D.D.* ; Li, L.* & Wang, H.*: Comprehensive in situ co-detection of aneuploid circulating endothelial and tumor cells. Sci. Rep. 7:9789 (2017)
Mascher, M.* et al.: A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genome. Nature 544, 427-433 (2017)
Wain, L.V.* et al.: Genome-wide association analyses for lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease identify new loci and potential druggable targets. Nat. Genet. 49, 416-425 (2017)
Xu, Z.L. ; Li, L.* ; Henkelmann, B. & Schramm, K.-W.: Occurrence of fluorotelomer alcohols at two Alpine summits: Sources, transport and temporal trends. Environ. Chem. 14, 215-223 (2017)
Scott, R.A.* et al.: A genomic approach to therapeutic target validation identifies a glucose-lowering GLP1R variant protective for coronary heart disease. Sci. Transl. Med. 8:341ra76 (2016)
Zhang, C.* et al.: Genetic determinants of telomere length and risk of common cancers: A Mendelian randomization study. Hum. Mol. Genet. 24, 5356-5366 (2015)
Dicheva, B.M.* et al.: Cationic thermosensitive liposomes: A novel dual targeted heat-triggered drug delivery approach for endothelial and tumor cells. Nano Lett. 13, 2324-2331 (2013)
Li, L.* et al.: Mild hyperthermia triggered doxorubicin release from optimized stealth thermosensitive liposomes improves intratumoral drug delivery and efficacy. J. Control. Release 168, 142-150 (2013)
Li, L.: Method development of extraction and enrichment of noble metal nanoparticles in environmental water samples. München, Technische Universität, Fakultät für Chemie, Diss., 2013, 87 S.
Zhang, X.* et al.: Response of the abundance of key soil microbial nitrogen-cycling genes to multi-factorial global changes. PLoS ONE 8:e76500 (2013)
Yin, R. et al.: Systematic selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression normalization in chicken embryo fibroblasts infected with Newcastle disease virus. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 413, 537-540 (2011)
Li, L.* et al.: Triggered content release from optimized stealth thermosensitive liposomes using mild hyperthermia. J. Control. Release 143, 274-279 (2010)