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van der Vorst, E.P.C.* et al.: Hematopoietic ChemR23 (Chemerin Receptor 23) fuels atherosclerosis by sustaining an M1 macrophage-phenotype and guidance of plasmacytoid dendritic cells to murine lesions-brief report. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 39, 685-693 (2019)
Heuberger, M.* et al.: Usability of the video head impulse test: Lessons from the population-based prospective KORA study. Front. Neurol. 9:659 (2018)
Eichler, P.* et al.: Lubricating oil as a major constituent of ship exhaust particles. Environ. Sci. Technol. Lett. 4, 54-58 (2017)
van den Bruck, R.* et al.: Abstracts of the 52nd Workshop for Pediatric Research : Frankfurt, Germany. 27-28 October 2016. Mol. Cell. Pediatr. 4, 1:5 (2017)
Blank, T.* et al.: Brain endothelial- and epithelial-specific interferon receptor chain 1 drives virus-induced sickness behavior and cognitive impairment. Immunity 44, 901-912 (2016)
Jagiella, N. ; Müller, B.* ; Müller, M.* ; Vignon-Clementel, I.E.* & Drasdo, D.*: Inferring growth control mechanisms in growing multi-cellular spheroids of NSCLC cells from spatial-temporal image data. PLoS Comput. Biol. 12:e1004412 (2016)
Stephan, A.J.* et al.: A high level of household physical activity compensates for lack of leisure time physical activity with regard to deficit accumulation: Results from the study KORA-Age. Prev. Med. 86, 64-69 (2016)
Velroyen, A.* et al.: Grating-based X-ray dark-field computed tomography of living mice. EBioMedicine 2, 1500-1506 (2015)
Meinel, F.G. et al.: Improved diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema using in vivo dark-field radiography. Invest. Radiol. 49, 653-658 (2014)
Müller, M.* et al.: Burden of disability attributable to vertigo and dizziness in the aged: Results from the KORA-Age study. Eur. J. Public Health 24, 802-807 (2014)
Röhrig, N.* et al.: Directed acyclic graphs helped to identify confounding in the association of disability and electrocardiographic findings: Results from the KORA-Age study. J. Clin. Epidemiol. 67, 199-206 (2014)
Schaumann, F.* et al.: Effects of ultrafine particles on the allergic inflammation in the lung of asthmatics: Results of a double-blinded randomized cross-over clinical pilot study. Part. Fibre Toxicol. 11:39 (2014)
Strobl, R.* et al.: Men benefit more from midlife leisure-time physical activity than women regarding the development of late-life disability - results of the KORA-Age study. Prev. Med. 62, 8-13 (2014)
Yaroshenko, A.* et al.: Small-animal dark-field radiography for pulmonary emphysema evaluation. Proc. SPIE 9033:90331M (2014)
Eberlein, C.* et al.: Identification and characterization of 2-naphthoyl-coenzyme A reductase, the prototype of a novel class of dearomatizing reductases. Mol. Microbiol. 88, 1032-1039 (2013)
Müller, M.* ; Pander, J.* ; Wild, R.* ; Lueders, T. & Geist, J.*: The effects of stream substratum texture on interstitial conditions and bacterial biofilms: Methodological strategies. Limnologica 43, 106-113 (2013)
Niedner, A. ; Müller, M. ; Moorthy, B.T.* ; Jansen, R.-P.* & Niessing, D.: Role of Loc1p in assembly and reorganization of nuclear ASH1 messenger ribonucleoprotein particles in yeast. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110, E5049–E5058 (2013)
Scherb, H. ; Voigt, K. & Kusmierz, R.: The human sex odds at birth in France: A preliminary geo-spatial-temporal approach in the vicinity of French nuclear facilities (NF). In: Wittmann, J.* ; Müller, M.* [Eds.]: Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften (Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften, Workshop Leipzig 2013). Aachen: Shaker, 2013. 23-38 (ASIM-Mitteilung ; 146)
Strobl, R.* ; Müller, M.* ; Emeny, R.T. ; Peters, A. & Grill, E.*: Distribution and determinants of functioning and disability in aged adults - results from the German KORA-Age study. BMC Public Health 13:137 (2013)
Voigt, K. et al.: Organochlorine pesticides in the environment and humans: Necessity for comparative data evaluation. In: Wittmann, J.* ; Müller, M.* [Eds.]: Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften (Simulation in den Umwelt- und Geowissenschaften, Workshop Leipzig 2013). Aachen: Shaker, 2013. 9-22 (ASIM-Mitteilung ; 146)