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Gonzalez-Vallinas, M.* et al.: Epigenetically regulated chromosome 14q32 miRNA cluster induces metastasis and predicts poor prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma patients. Mol. Cancer Res. 16, 390-402 (2018)
González-Valllinas, M.* et al.: Abstract 1945: Identification of a miRNA/mRNA network driving non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) dissemination. Cancer Res. 76 (2016)
Spanagel, R.* et al.: A systems medicine research approach for studying alcohol addiction. Addict. Biol. 18, 883-896 (2013)
Spanagel, R.* et al.: An integrated genome research network for studying the genetics of alcohol addiction. Addict. Biol. 15, 369-379 (2010)