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Sieber, C.M.K. et al.: The Fusarium graminearum genome reveals more secondary metabolite gene clusters and hints of horizontal gene transfer. PLoS ONE 9:e110311 (2014)
Laurie, J.D.* ; Linning, R.* ; Wong, P. & Bakkeren, G.*: Do TE activity and counteracting genome defenses, RNAi and methylation, shape the sex lives of smut fungi? Plant Signal. Behav. 8:e23853 (2013)
Laurie, J.D.* et al.: Genome comparison of barley and maize smut fungi reveals targeted loss of RNA silencing components and species-specific presence of transposable elements. Plant Cell 24, 1733-1745 (2012)
Makhnevych, T.* et al.: Hsp110 is required for spindle length control. J. Cell Biol. 198, 623-636 (2012)
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Zuccaro, A.* et al.: Endophytic life strategies decoded by genome and transcriptome analyses of the mutualistic root symbiont Piriformospora indica. PLoS Pathog. 7:e1002290 (2011)
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Schirawski, J.* et al.: Pathogenicity determinants in smut fungi revealed by genome comparison. Science 330, 1546-1548 (2010)
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