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Boedi, S.* et al.: Comparison of Fusarium graminearum transcriptomes on living or dead wheat differentiates substrate-responsive and defense-responsive genes. Front. Microbiol. 7:1113 (2016)
Wildgruber, M.* et al.: Increased intermediate CD14++CD16++ monocyte subset levels associate with restenosis after peripheral percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. Atherosclerosis 253, 128-134 (2016)
Wildgruber, M.* et al.: The "Intermediate" CD14++CD16+ monocyte subset increases in severe peripheral artery disease in humans. Sci. Rep. 6:39483 (2016)
Schinko, T.* et al.: Transcriptome analysis of nitrate assimilation in Aspergillus nidulans reveals connections to nitric oxide metabolism. Mol. Microbiol. 78, 720-738 (2010)
Issels, R.D. et al.: Ifosfamide Plus Etoposide Combined with Regional Hyperthermia in Patients with Locally Advanced Sarcomas: A Phase II Study. J. Clin. Oncol. (1990)
Issels, R.D. et al.: Thermochemotherapy for advanced Sarcomas: Results of a Phase I/II Study (RHT-86). In: Proceedings (10th Annual Meeting of the North American Hyperthermia Group; Nerw Orleans, 07.-12. April 1990). 1990.
Issels, R.D. et al.: Regionale Hyperthermie (RHT) in Kombination mit systematischer Chemotherapie bei tiefliegenden Malignomen: Ergebnisse einer Pilotstudie unter Anwendung eines Hochfrequenz- Ringapplikators (APAS). Dtsch. Med. Wochenschr. (1988)