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Bölükbas, D.A. et al.: Fine-tuning lung cancer nanotherapy using closed cardiopulmonary circulation. In: (Trans. Annu. Meet. Soc. Biomater. Annu. Int. Biomater. Symp., 03-06 April 2019, Seattle, USA). 2019. 560 ( ; 40)
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Stöger, T. & Adler, H.: "Novel" triggers of herpesvirus reactivation and their potential health relevance. Front. Microbiol. 9:3207 (2019)
Vetrivel, S. et al.: Mutation in the mouse histone gene Hist2h3c1 leads to degeneration of the lens vesicle and severe microphthalmia. Exp. Eye Res., accepted (2019)
Yang, L. et al.: Three-dimensional quantitative co-mapping of pulmonary morphology and nanoparticle distribution with cellular resolution in non-dissected murine lungs. ACS Nano 13, 1029-1041 (2019)
Chen, Y.* et al.: Biological and phylogenetic characterization of a novel hemagglutination-negative avian avulavirus 6 isolated from wild waterfowl in China. Transboundary Emer. Dis. 65, 1421-1428 (2018)
Fritsch-Decker, S.* ; Marquardt, C.* ; Stöger, T. ; Diabaté, S.* & Weiss, C.*: Revisiting the stress paradigm for silica nanoparticles: Decoupling of the anti-oxidative defense, pro-inflammatory response and cytotoxicity. Arch. Toxicol. 92, 2163-2174 (2018)
Gao, C.* et al.: The virulence of NDV NA-1 strain regulated by the 3 ' leader or 5 ' trailer sequences. Microb. Pathog. 126, 109-115 (2018)
Gradl, R.* et al.: In vivo dynamic phase-contrast X-ray Imaging using a compact light source. Sci. Rep. 8:6788 (2018)
Zhang, P.* et al.: Enhanced replication of virulent Newcastle disease virus in chicken macrophages is due to polarized activation of cells by inhibition of TLR7. Front. Immunol. 9:366 (2018)
Zhang, W. et al.: S100a4 is secreted by alternatively activated alveolar macrophages and promotes activation of lung fibroblasts in pulmonary fibrosis. Front. Immunol. 9:1216 (2018)
Bowl, M.R.* et al.: A large scale hearing loss screen reveals an extensive unexplored genetic landscape for auditory dysfunction. Nat. Commun. 8:886 (2017)
Egaña, I.* et al.: Female mice lacking Pald1 exhibit endothelial cell apoptosis and emphysema. Sci. Rep. 7:15453 (2017)
Fuchs, H. et al.: Understanding gene functions and disease mechanisms: Phenotyping pipelines in the German Mouse Clinic. Behav. Brain Res. 352, 187-196 (2017)
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Ganguly, K.* et al.: Early pulmonary response is critical for extra-pulmonary carbon nanoparticle mediated effects: Comparison of inhalation versus intra-arterial infusion exposures in mice.   Part. Fibre Toxicol. 14:19 (2017)
Garrett, L. et al.: Fgf9Y162C mutation alters information processing and social memory in mice. Mol. Neurobiol. 55, 4580–4595 (2017)
Kammerl, I.E. et al.: Deficiency of immunoproteasome subunits increases alternative polarization of alveolar macrophages. Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 195 (2017)
Karp, N.A.* et al.: Prevalence of sexual dimorphism in mammalian phenotypic traits. Nat. Commun. 8:15475 (2017)