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Bentley, A.R.* et al.: Multi-ancestry genome-wide gene–smoking interaction study of 387,272 individuals identifies new loci associated with serum lipids. Nat. Genet. 51, 636-648 (2019)
de Vries, P.S.* et al.: Multi-ancestry Genome-Wide Association study of lipid levels incorporating gene-alcohol interactions. Am. J. Epidemiol. 188, 1033-1054 (2019)
Kilpeläinen, T.O.* et al.: Multi-ancestry study of blood lipid levels identifies four loci interacting with physical activity. Nat. Commun. 10:376 (2019)
Liu, X. ; Yu, C.* ; Wang, G.* & Hu, Y.*: Effects of different drying methods on the determination of nitrogen in sediment. Fresen. Environ. Bull. 27, 3506-3511 (2018)
Albrechtsen, A.* et al.: Exome sequencing-driven discovery of coding polymorphisms associated with common metabolic phenotypes. Diabetologia 56, 298-310 (2013)
Thiessen, K.M.* et al.: Modelling the long-term consequences of a hypothetical dispersal of radioactivity in an urban area including remediation alternatives. J. Environ. Radioact. 100, 445-455 (2009)
Thiessen, K.M.* et al.: Improvement of modelling capabilities for assessing urban contamination: The EMRAS Urban Remediation Working Group. Appl. Radiat. Isot. 66, 1741-1744 (2008)
Vives, i, Batlle, J.* et al.: Inter-comparison of absorbed dose rates for non-human biota. Radiat. Environ. Biophys. 46, 349-373 (2007)