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Backman, M.* et al.: Multi-omics insights into functional alterations of the liver in insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus. Mol. Metab., accepted (2019)
Rohrmoser, M. et al.: MIR sequences recruit zinc finger protein ZNF768 to expressed genes. Nucleic Acids Res. 47, 700-715 (2019)
Rosenbaum, M.* et al.: Bcl10-controlled Malt1 paracaspase activity is key for the immune suppressive function of regulatory T cells. Nat. Commun. 10:2352 (2019)
Huth, A. ; Liang, X. ; Krebs, S.* ; Blum, H.* & Moosmann, A.: Antigen-specific TCR signatures of cytomegalovirus infection. J. Immunol. 202, 979-990 (2018)
Shah, N. et al.: Tyrosine-1 of RNA polymerase II CTD controls global termination of gene transcription in mammals. Mol. Cell 69, 48-61.e6 (2018)
Blutke, A.* et al.: The Munich MIDY Pig Biobank - A unique resource for studying organ crosstalk in diabetes. Mol. Metab. 6, 931-940 (2017)
Decker, T.-M. et al.: Transcriptome analysis of dominant-negative Brd4 mutants identifies Brd4-specific target genes of small molecule inhibitor JQ1. Sci. Rep. 7:1684 (2017)
Glaser, L.V. et al.: EBF1 binds to EBNA2 and promotes the assembly of EBNA2 chromatin complexes in B cells. PLoS Pathog. 13, e1006664:e1006664 (2017)
Herold, T. et al.: Acute myeloid leukemia with del(9q) is characterized by frequent mutations of NPM1, DNMT3A, WT1 and low expression of TLE4. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 56, 75-86 (2017)
Kumar, S.* et al.: Standardized, systemic phenotypic analysis reveals kidney dysfunction as main alteration of Kctd1I27N mutant mice. J. Biomed. Sci. 24:57 (2017)
Dutta, S. et al.: The target cell of transformation is distinct from the leukemia stem cell in murine CALM/AF10 leukemia models. Leukemia 30, 1166-1176 (2016)
Hartmann, L. et al.: ZBTB7A mutations in acute myeloid leukaemia with t(8;21) translocation. Nat. Commun. 7:11733 (2016)
Vosberg, S. et al.: Close correlation of copy number aberrations detected by next-generation sequencing with results from routine cytogenetics in acute myeloid leukemia. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 55, 553-567 (2016)
Meyer, S.U.* et al.: Integrative analysis of MicroRNA and mRNA data reveals an orchestrated function of MicroRNAs in skeletal myocyte differentiation in response to TNF-α or IGF1. PLoS ONE 10:e0135284 (2015)
Niess, H.* et al.: Side population cells of pancreatic cancer show characteristics of cancer stem cells responsible for resistance and metastasis. Target. Oncol. 10, 215-227 (2015)
Vosberg, S. et al.: Genetic and epigenetic evolution during the progression of cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia (CN-AML). Haematologica 100, 35 (2015)
Vosberg, S. et al.: Detection of chromosome 9q deletion in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) patients using targeted sequencing data. Ann. Hematol. 94, S84 (2015)
Dutta, S. et al.: Analysis of the tissue-specific expression requirements and identification of cooperating mutations for leukemogenesis in an inducible CALM/AF10 knock-in mouse model. Blood 124 (2014)
Herold, T. et al.: Isolated trisomy 13 defines a genetically homogenous AML subgroup with high frequency of mutations in spliceosome genes and poor prognosis. Blood 124, 1304-1311 (2014)
Müller-Höcker, J.* et al.: Oxyphil cell metaplasia in the parathyroids is characterized by somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in NADH dehydrogenase genes and cytochrome c oxidase activity-impairing genes. Am. J. Pathol. 184, 2922-2935 (2014)