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Kahle, M. et al.: Phenotypic comparison of common mouse strains developing high-fat diet-induced hepatosteatosis. Mol. Metab. 2, 435-446 (2013)
Keyhani-Nejad, F.* et al.: High glycaemic index (GI) diet induced hepatic fat accumulation and insulin resistance is associated with high glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) secretion. Diabetologia 56, S267 (2013)
Kong, B.* et al.: Identification and characterization of an Aldh1a3-positive subtype of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma mediated by oncogenic Krasg12d/Erk-Mtor axis. Pancreas 42, 1360-1361 (2013)
Lee, M.S. et al.: Transcriptome analysis of MENX-associated rat pituitary adenomas identifies novel molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of human pituitary gonadotroph adenomas. Acta Neuropathol. 126, 137-150 (2013)
Ninkovic, J. et al.: The BAF complex interacts with Pax6 in adult neural progenitors to establish a neurogenic cross-regulatory transcriptional network. Cell Stem Cell 13, 403-418 (2013)
Scheler, M. et al.: Cytokine response of primary human myotubes in an in vitro exercise model. Am. J. Physiol.-Cell Physiol. 305, C877-C886 (2013)
Stahl, R. et al.: Trnp1 regulates expansion and folding of the mammalian cerebral cortex by control of radial glial fate. Cell 153, 535-549 (2013)
Walcher, T. et al.: Functional dissection of the paired domain of Pax6 reveals molecular mechanisms of coordinating neurogenesis and proliferation. Development 140, 1123-1136 (2013)
Wolf, M.* et al.: Production and release of acylcarnitines by primary myotubes reflect the differences in fasting fat oxidation of the donors. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 98, E1137-E1142 (2013)
Baumhoer, D. et al.: MicroRNA profiling with correlation to gene expression revealed the oncogenic miR-17-92 cluster to be up-regulated in osteosarcoma. Cancer Genet. 205, 212-219 (2012)
Finan, B. et al.: Targeted estrogen delivery reverses the metabolic syndrome. J. Nat. Med. 18, 1847-1856 (2012)
Irmler, M. et al.: Long-term proteasomal inhibition in transgenic mice by UBB+1 expression results in dysfunction of central respiration control reminiscent of brainstem neuropathology in Alzheimer patients. Acta Neuropathol. 124, 187-197 (2012)
Klymiuk, I. et al.: In vivo functional requirement of the mouse Ifitm1 gene for germ cell development, interferon mediated immune response and somitogenesis. PLoS ONE 7:e44609 (2012)
del Río, P. et al.: GDNF-induced osteopontin from Müller glial cells promotes photoreceptor survival in the Pde6brd1 mouse model of retinal degeneration. Glia 59, 821-832 (2011)
Elkan-Miller, T.* et al.: Integration of transcriptomics, proteomics, and microRNA analyses reveals novel microRNA regulation of targets in the mammalian inner ear. PLoS ONE 6:e18195 (2011)
Ganguly, K. et al.: Impaired resolution of inflammatory response in the lungs of JF1/Msf mice following carbon nanoparticle instillation. Respir. Res. 12, 94 (2011)
Lisse, T.S.* et al.: Gene targeting by the vitamin D response element binding protein reveals a role for vitamin D in osteoblast mTOR signaling. FASEB J. 25, 937-947 (2011)
Beckervordersandforth-Bonk, R. et al.: In vivo fate mapping and expression analysis reveals molecular hallmarks of prospectively isolated adult neural stem cells. Cell Stem Cell 7, 744-758 (2010)
Beyerle, A. ; Irmler, M. ; Beckers, J. ; Kissel, T.* & Stöger, T.: Toxicity pathway focused gene expression profiling of PEI-based polymers for pulmonary applications. Mol. Pharm. 7, 727-737 (2010)
Ganguly, K.* et al.: Comparison of pulmonary response among two mouse strains with divergent lung function following carbon nanoparticle instillation. Vortrag: 8th ERS Lung Science Conference 2010, 26-28 March 2010, Estoril, Portugal. (2010)