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Schiller, H. B. et al.: The Human Lung Cell Atlas - A high-resolution reference map of the human lung in health and disease. Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol., accepted (2019)
Vieira Braga, F.A.* et al.: A cellular census of human lungs identifies novel cell states in health and in asthma. Nat. Med., accepted (2019)
Nawijn, M.C.* et al.: The human lung cell atlas: A comprehensive reference map for all cell types in the healthy human lung. Am. J. Respir. Crit. Care Med. 197 (2018)
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Bousquet, J.* et al.: Paving the way of systems biology and precision medicine in allergic diseases: The MeDALL success story Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy; EUFP7-CP-IP; Project No: 261357; 2010-2015. Allergy 71, 1513-1525 (2016)
Bousquet, J.* et al.: Are allergic multimorbidities and IgE polysensitization associated with the persistence or re-occurrence of foetal type 2 signalling? The MeDALL hypothesis. Allergy 70, 1062-1078 (2015)
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Bousquet, J.* et al.: MeDALL (Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy): An integrated approach from phenotypes to systems medicine. Allergy 66, 596-604 (2011)