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Blasi, T. et al.: Label-free cell cycle analysis for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry. Nat. Commun. 7:10256 (2016)
Hennig, H.* et al.: An open-source solution for advanced imaging flow cytometry data analysis using machine learning. Methods 112, 201-210 (2016)
Hennig, H.* et al.: The nature and perception of fluctuations in human musical rhythms. PLoS ONE 6:e26457 (2011)
Griesinger, F.* et al.: A BCR-JAK2 fusion gene as the result of a t(9;22)(p24;qII.2) translocation in a patient with a clinically typical chronic myeloid leukemia. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 44, 329-333 (2005)