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di Giaimo, R. et al.: The aryl hydrocarbon receptor pathway defines the time frame for restorative neurogenesis. Cell Rep. 25, 3241-3251.e5 (2018)
Barbosa, J.S. ; di Giaimo, R.* ; Götz, M. & Ninkovic, J.: Single-cell in vivo imaging of adult neural stem cells in the zebrafish telencephalon. Nat. Protoc. 11, 1360-1370 (2016)
Barbosa, J.S. & Ninkovic, J.: Adult neural stem cell behavior underlying constitutive and restorative neurogenesis in zebrafish. Neurogenesis 3:e1148101 (2016)
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Barbosa, J.S.: In vivo single cell analysis reveals distinct behavior of neural stem and progenitor cells in homeostasis and regeneration in the adult brain. Coimbra, Portugal, Universidade de Coimbra, Faculdade de Medicina, Diss., 2015, 104 S.
Baumgart, E.V. ; Barbosa, J.S. ; Bally-Cuif, L.* ; Götz, M. & Ninkovic, J.: Stab wound injury of the zebrafish telencephalon: A model for comparative analysis of reactive gliosis. Glia 60, 343-357 (2012)