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Regier, N.* ; Baerlocher, L.* ; Münsterkötter, M. ; Farinelli, L.* & Cosio, C.*: Analysis of the Elodea nuttallii transcriptome in response to mercury and cadmiumpollution: Development of sensitive tools for rapid ecotoxicological testing. Environ. Sci. Technol. 47, 8825-8834 (2013)
Wiemann, P.* et al.: Deciphering the cryptic genome: Genome-wide analyses of the rice pathogen Fusarium fujikuroi reveal complex regulation of secondary metabolism and novel metabolites. PLoS Pathog. 9:e1003475 (2013)
Laurie, J.D.* et al.: Genome comparison of barley and maize smut fungi reveals targeted loss of RNA silencing components and species-specific presence of transposable elements. Plant Cell 24, 1733-1745 (2012)
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Schirawski, J.* et al.: Pathogenicity determinants in smut fungi revealed by genome comparison. Science 330, 1546-1548 (2010)
Münsterkötter, M. & Frangoulidis, D.*: PEDANT3 - Comperative genomics of Coxiella burnetti isolates. Vortrag: DGHM 2009 61. Jahrestagung der deutchen Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Microbiologie, 21st September 2009, Göttingen, Germany. (2009)
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Münsterkötter, M. & Steinberg, G.*: The fungus Ustilago maydis and humans share disease-related proteins that are not found in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. BMC Genomics 8:473 (2007)
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